Earthlock is an indie developed, adventure RPG inspired by the classic 3D RPGs of the late 90's, with a fresh take on turn based combat and character progression.

Discover Your Hero Within

Embark on a journey to save the beautiful world of Umbra, a harsh planet that stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago. What started as a mission to rescue Amon’s uncle from the clutches of an ancient cult, soon spirals into an adventure that was centuries in the making. You must bring together this group of unlikely heroes to stop the ruinous past from repeating itself.

The World

Explore the magical world of Umbra and discover places lost in the past to uncover the secrets of the Earthlock Artifact

The Heroes

Unite this band of heroes, all with their own journeys of self discovery and venture into the world to save the planet from the growing evil within. Mix up your strategy to beat your enemies using two different stances per character, and build your characters' battle bond to unleash powerful abilities or unique perks.

The Battles

Dive into turn based battles on arenas in the grand tradition to explore the depths of tactical choices needed to survive the fierce boss fights.

Your Own Secret Island

Take a break from adventure and escape to your own home island. Here you can harvest magical ingredients and craft weapons, helpful items and perks.

The Overworld

With plenty of stuff to do you can lose yourself in the Overworld. Scavenge for items, pick flowers, catch cute Bibis or dig up treasures to trade or take back to Plumpet Island to concoct the strangest potions and ammunitions giving you a leg up in your next battle.

The Talent Table

EARTHLOCK features a unique talent board system; a refreshing take on the classic skill tree. This board gives you complete control over your player's strengths and weaknesses. You can swap talents on and off the board, allowing you to finely tune each character to your desired playing style. The talent board also features “Perk Talents” which you can craft and collect in the world, giving you special combat skills and abilities.

Available Achievements

Owls of the Nest
30 XP
Owl Tide Bestiary
30 XP
Supreme Scavenger
30 XP
Gardener of Lango
30 XP
Lango Plantmaster
30 XP


Epic Player Ratings

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EARTHLOCK Ratings & Reviews

  • 48%
    Critics Recommend
  • 67
    Top Critic Average
  • Fair
    OpenCritic Rating
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by Aaron Main
6 / 10
You won't find much in Earthlock that you haven't seen in hundreds of other RPGs, but there is a charm here that you may just want to be a part of.
by Amy Kay Purcell
80 / 100
A beautiful game which features a host of challenging boss battles require tactical thinking, useful characters, and a big world to explore, Earthlock delivers a solid experience which scratches the turn-based RPG itch. Its fourteen hours of game play swells thanks to a ton of side quests, hidden bosses, and lots of things to craft and collect, and is a true indie delight for any fan of the genre.
by Anthony Gomez
50 / 100
Cliches are the death of interesting characters and Earthlock is all too willing to draw its own characters’ chalk outlines and willingly lay them down in it.
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EARTHLOCK System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7 or Newer
OS versionWindows 7 or Newer
CPUx86 Dual Core 2.6 GHz
CPUx86 Quad Core 3.4GHz or greater
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
GPUDirectX 10 GPU with 1GB of memory
GPUDirectX 11 GPU with 2GB of memory
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage4 GB Available Space
Storage4 GB Available Space
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Arabic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese
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