Edward's Journey

Set out on an epic journey to find your missing sister in a beautifully unique hand-crafted world full of secrets, puzzles, and danger.
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Edward's Journey is a full 3d top-down action-adventure RPG. It is a single player game with a large world that you can explore. More of the world can be accessed as you gain certain items and/or solve puzzles. Teleports exist throughout certain parts of the world for quicker travel.
Your main weapons in the game are sticks. Each stick has one main weapon slot and a possibility of two additional slots for equipping stones. The main weapon slot can be used to equip items that will add additional damage to your weapon, damage over time, or give you the ability to shoot magic from your weapon. If you find nails in the world you can add them for more damage. If you kill a monster with spines, you can add a spine to your weapon for additional damage. If you kill a bee, you can add its abdomen to your weapon to do poison damage over time using its stinger. This can all be done on the fly. Equipment stones can be added to the two additional slots and are used to improve the players stats. Edward can also wear helmets and shields. They can have up to three equipment slots available.
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You are a small boy named Edward. You live in a small isolated little village with your gram and your little sister. It comes to your attention that your sister has gone missing. Your gram sends you out to find her. You have never left your village before and have no idea the dangers that await you beyond the safety of your home. You will have to learn to fight and defend yourself along your journey.
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The world of Edward’s Journey is a beautifully unique hand-crafted fantasy world filled with many hidden treasures and surprises. There are several large maps. Each of these maps has several dungeons, caves, and other areas to explore. Certain dungeons are randomly generated. Teleporters can also be unlocked throughout the world for quick travel. Some areas will have to be visited again later once you have a certain item to allow you to proceed. You will find many helpful NPCs across the world. You help them out and they will help you in return. Merchants can also be found scattered around the world. Each one will have different stock. Find one if you are low on crafting items or if you are in need of a specialized item that only they have.
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Edward has the ability to craft many items in the game. Some items, such as potions and food, require Edward to be near a cauldron to craft. Many other items can be crafted at any time provided Edward has the necessary items in his inventory. Most of the helmets and shields will need to be crafted. Recipes for crafted items can be found throughout the world and are automatically added to Edward’s recipes in the crafting window when they are picked up. You do not need these recipes in order to craft an item if you figure them out yourself by experimenting.
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Edward is a small boy who has no fighting experience. He learns by necessity as he fights his way to his sister. His weapons of choice are sticks. He will have some basic swinging attacks at first but will learn more attacks has he levels up or finds a npc trainer. Attaching magic runes to Edward’s sticks will allow him to shoot magical bursts from his weapon. If you attach a fire rune, his weapon will shoot fireballs and do fire damage over time to the enemy. If he attaches an ice rune, it will freeze an enemy for a short time and do damage over time. You can also add runes to your action bar instead of your weapon. When used from your action bar they will do area of effect damage around Edward. Using magic runes will consume Magic Points (MP). If a rune is equipped on a weapon and Edward has no MP left it will no longer have a ranged attack. It will still do damage over time if an enemy is hit in melee range.
When a shield is equipped, Edward will be able to block a certain percentage of incoming damage if he has his shield up.
Edward can also dash to help him dodge out of the way of enemy attacks. The dash and more powerful attacks will use up Edwards’s stamina bar.
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Edward can fish in nearly every body of water in the game. First, he will need to craft a rod. Once a rod is crafted, he will need to dig up some worms. Fishing can help Edward in a few ways. If he catches a fish, he can take the fish fillets and craft up some fish soup at a cauldron. The soup will heal Edward’s magic points over time. He can also fish up other items, like jewels, health hearts, and other crafting items.
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Treasure maps can be found throughout the world. Each map will have a clue that will point you in the direction of the treasure. When you find the right location a large ‘X’ will appear on the ground where you need to dig. You will need to craft a shovel to dig. You can dig in most places in the world as you wish. Who knows what you will find? Mostly worms I suppose.
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Edward can find pets throughout the world. Each pet can help Edward while it is summoned. Some will randomly pop health hearts, some will find jewels, some will help with replenishing Edward’s magic, and some may even help damage monsters in the area.

Available Achievements

One Fine Stick
10 XP
Took out a King
50 XP
10 XP
Loyal Companion
10 XP
Dungeon Crawler
20 XP

Edward's Journey System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
CPUIntel Core i7 7700 or AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Memory8 GB
Memory16 GB
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English
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