Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream

Experience an isometric, narrative-driven stealth game and join Hanna’s adventure in the vibrant city of Eriksholm. The mysterious disappearance of her brother, Herman, ignites a chain of catastrophic events that will forever change their lives and the fate of the entire city.
Experience an isometric, narrative-driven stealth game set in the stunning city of Eriksholm. When Hanna’s brother, Herman, disappears and the police begin to pursue him, her search sets off a chain of catastrophic events that will not only alter their lives but also the destiny of the entire city. Join your allies, outsmart relentless enemies, and use your cunning to uncover the truth behind Herman’s disappearance — where greater powers are at play than you ever imagined.
Follow Hanna’s adventure through the vibrant streets of Eriksholm, a sprawling Nordic city inspired by the elegance and grit of early 1900s Scandinavia. In this world, every shadow offers a hiding place, and every corner hides a new challenge. Allies and quick reflexes are your greatest tools as you unravel the city's secrets and outsmart your pursuers.

Narrative Adventure

Join Hanna's adventure through Eriksholm on her quest to find her brother and uncover the mystery behind his disappearance. Venture into stunning landscapes in a gripping story where every second counts as Hanna strives to reunite her family.

Distinctive Characters

Switch between three unique characters, and utilize their unique abilities to access new areas, overcome various challenges and puzzles, and outsmart your enemies.

Strategic Gameplay

Observe guard behaviors, use environmental cues, and find clever solutions to overcome obstacles. Scout environments carefully, use cover and stealth, and employ diversion tactics to evade detection.

Vibrant World

Explore the fictitious world of Eriksholm, a place of beauty, hardship, and adventure, heavily inspired by the Nordic cities of the 1900s.

Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream System Requirements



OS versionTBA
OS versionTBA
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: French, German, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), English, Japanese, Russian
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