Esse Proxy

A Slick, Stylish and Brutal, Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter. Kill or die, Learn and Repeat before you unveil the secrets of Esse Proxy in this Action-Packed Story on a Dystopian Cyberpunk City.


Esse Proxy is a slick, stylish and brutal, top-down twin-stick shooter. Kill or die, learn and repeat before you unveil all the secrets and hidden lore of this action-packed story on a dystopian cyberpunk city. Fight bosses, ride vehicles, select your arsenal and choose between different characters with unique abilities.
You're a little soul, carrying a corpse, not entitled to be just an illusion. Allow me to introduce yourself, no more than just some entropy. I'm still here, keep looking, will you?

Main Features

  • Take the role of several characters united by a series of past and future events, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Face a brutal high octane yet strategic combat, one missed shot or one misstep can be the end of you. Esse Proxy offers a hard yet rewarding difficulty.
  • Find different secrets and unlock better equipment to use.
  • Unveil a rich, mind-bending story with tons of hidden lore, with dystopian cyberpunk aesthetics