Embark on Exovoid, a souls-like FPS. Respond to Beleth Station's disaster, thrust into an alien ship by the colossal Leviathan. Battle extraterrestrial threats, survive the uncharted abyss, and halt a universe-threatening temporal anomaly. Save the cosmos in this intense shooter.
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This is an Early Access Game

Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.

You can play now to experience the game while it's being built or wait until it offers a more complete experience.

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Prepare yourselves for the next chapter in the enigmatic saga of the Leviathan spacecraft in “Beginnings” the next update for Exovoid.

🌌 Procedural Wonders Unveiled: Delve into the uncharted realms of Exovoid with the introduction of procedural levels. Witness the seamless blend of meticulously crafted moments and the boundless potential of procedural generation, shrouding each corner in an aura of mystery.
🔥 Empower Your Arsenal: Unlock the true potential of your weaponry with the advent of Primary and Secondary fire modes. Harness the power at your fingertips by holding the right mouse button, offering a symphony of possibilities to tailor your playstyle.
⚙️ Paradox Stabilizer Enhancements: Unearth the secrets hidden within the Paradox Stabilizer as it unveils all-new Player Stats. Utilize Void Matter to elevate your player's core stats, balancing the scales of power and unleashing diverse effects on your arsenal. Choose your path wisely - for every stat tweak has its consequences.
🌐 Visions of a Revitalized World: Witness Exovoid come to life with a visual refresh that breathes new energy into the cosmos. Immerse yourself in an enhanced design that transcends the boundaries of the known universe.
🎶 Harmonies of the Void: Let the cosmos serenade you with a symphony of new music tracks, enriching your exploration with an auditory tapestry that echoes through the cosmic expanse.
🔧 Balancing the Cosmic Equation: Experience a tighter balance of damage and energy costs, igniting more exhilarating gunplay across the battleground.
🐞 Wormhole Fixes and Quantum Enhancements: Traverse seamlessly through the universe as we obliterate bugs related to weapons, enemy AI, lighting discrepancies, and performance hurdles. Your odyssey through the Exovoid just got smoother.
🌌 Hidden Realms Await: Embark on a quest of discovery as Beginnings unveils hidden secrets and enigmatic wonders for those daring enough to seek them.
The cosmic voyage is far from over - Man Up Time Studios is tirelessly crafting the next chapter of your odyssey. Secure your place in the cosmos today and soar through the stars with unparalleled access to all future updates.
See you starside. 🚀✨


We are currently in Pre-Alpha.
What does that mean?
We are giving you immediate access to our game in early and on-going development. We know that delivering a solid souls-like + first person shooter experience is difficult. We believe we have the right combination to pull this off, but we need your help in shaping the game to make sure it lives up to the promise of a souls-like and a first person shooter.

Survive the abyss in Exovoid – a souls-like odyssey. Battle, conquer, and shape your fate. Every death defines your journey. Are you ready?

Embark on a relentless cosmic journey with Exovoid, an immersive first-person shooter that seamlessly blends the unforgiving intensity of souls-like gameplay. As a corporate rescue operative in the vast expanse of the human galactic empire, you're thrust into a harrowing mission in response to a catastrophic incident on Beleth Station.
Picture this: you awaken from cryo sleep, geared up and ready to face the challenges of Beleth Station. However, fate takes a dark turn when your ship collides with a colossal alien starship known as the Leviathan. In the blink of an eye, you find yourself stranded billions of miles from Earth, deep in an uncharted sector of space. The temporal anomaly caused by the alien vessel threatens the very fabric of the universe.
Your journey unfolds in an eerie, alien abyss where every step is fraught with danger. Exovoid challenges you to battle extraterrestrial foes, navigate the uncharted depths, and unravel the mysteries that lurk within the colossal Leviathan. The souls-like intensity of the gameplay means every encounter is a test of skill and strategy, where death is a teacher and survival the ultimate prize.
In Exovoid's Early Access launch, you, the intrepid spacefarer, hold the power to shape the final frontiers of this epic adventure. Your feedback is not just welcome; it's vital. The game evolves with your insights, ensuring that the final release delivers an unparalleled, out-of-this-world experience. Dare to join the journey, confront the abyss, and become the architect of your own cosmic destiny in Exovoid – where survival, conquest, and the salvation of the universe await. Are you ready to embrace the challenge?

Exovoid System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10 or 11
CPUi5 5th Gen or equivalent
CPUi7 7th Gen or equivalent
GPUNVIDIA 1060 or Radeon 5600
GPUNVIDIA 2070 or Radeon 6700
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Additional NotesWe have not done full performance testing, so our specs might be off. Let us know what your experience is on your setup.
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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