Expeditions: Rome - Death or Glory

Don the armour of a Gladiator and enter the arena to win fame and fortune in ‘Death or Glory!’ Play with the new Gladiator character class as you tackle 3 new arenas either during the campaign or in the brand-new Gladiator mode.

Expeditions: Rome - Death or Glory

Enter the Arena

Don the armour of a gladiator and enter the arena with your praetorian guard to win fame and fortune. Introducing the Gladiator character class to Expeditions: Rome, this DLC offers a new way to experience the game’s branching story through the 3 new gladiator sub-classes: as a tough and heavily armoured Murmillo, a highly mobile and cunning Retiarius, or a morale-manipulating Provocator.
Each region of the campaign now includes a unique arena, with their own questline featuring memorable champions and deadly new enemies, and a brand new Audience Approval system to add more flavour and tactical variety to Expeditions: Rome’s acclaimed combat.
Defeat the three champions to master the arenas and access randomised arena fights, or start the game in Gladiator Mode to skip directly to the new content and earn a unique trophy for the main game for your efforts.
  • Brand new Gladiator character class with a full set of 24 new class skills. Play a gladiator yourself, change one of your companions into a gladiator, or recruit new gladiators for your praetorian guard.
  • Accept the invitation to fight in the arena while playing through the original campaign, or skip directly to the new content by starting the game in Gladiator Mode.
  • Face the lions! Alongside several new gladiator enemy types, these fierce beasts will challenge your resolve and your tactical prowess.
  • Exotic new Scissor weapon: wielded in the off-hand, this weapon complements the Gladiator class and boosts their Retaliation stat, enabling them to counterattack when struck.
  • Learn to craft the stylish new gladiator armour and helmet or earn the champions’ unique versions.
  • Craft the new Acid Pot and Hunting Trap tactical items to give your party an extra edge.
  • Unlock striking new colour themes and emblems for your legion or your praetorian guard as you become the champion of each arena.
  • Defend your title as champion in infinitely repeatable randomised arena fights.

Expeditions: Rome Ratings & Reviews

  • 74%
    Critics Recommend
  • 81
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by Leana Hafer
8 / 10
Expeditions: Rome deserves a Roman triumph as one of the most impressive tactical RPGs of the last several years, despite occasionally bending under the weight of too many systems.
PC Gamer
by Robert Zak
73 / 100
An uneven epic whose historical richness guides it through some awkward pacing.
by Chris Wray
8.5 / 10
Expeditions: Rome is a surprisingly detailed tactical RPG that takes you through three huge theatres of the Roman republic on a personal quest for revenge or triumph. This story is what you make of it, packed full of meaningful decisions that influence many aspects of the game. Adding to this story is a robust character development system that feeds into the excellent combat, with multiple side-missions to develop both characters equipment and stories, as well as your war camp. The game feels like it could become dull, but never reached that point and is one well worth it for any RPG fan.
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OSWindows 7, 10 (64-bit)
OSWindows 10 (64-bit)
ProcessorAMD FX-8350 X8 / Intel i5-4690K
ProcessorRyzen 5 3600X / Intel Core i5-9500F
Memory8 GB
Memory16 GB
Direct X11
Direct X11
GraphicsAMD R9 380 4GB / GTX 960 4GB
GraphicsAMD RX Vega 56 8GB / GTX 1070 8GB
Storage30 GB
Storage30 GB
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  • AUDIO: English, German
  • TEXT: English, German, French, Chinese - Simplified, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish - Spain
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