Ghostrunner 2 Ghostrunner 2 FAQ

What is the “BUY GHOSTRUNNER 2 NOW” button in the Demo?

Clicking on that option opens a webpage to the Epic Games Store to purchase the full game since you enjoyed playing the Demo so much.

Can I upgrade from one Edition to another?

Ghostrunner 2 does not offer an upgrade path from one Edition to another. While the Brutal Edition offers the most “bang for your buck”, we highly encourage you to compare each Edition and select the one that best suits the amount of engagement you wish to have with the game.

What if I need to seek a refund?

Our refund policy follows Epic’s and can be found at
. 505 Games does not handle refunds.

How do I access my Pre-Purchase Bonus / Deluxe Edition Content / Brutal Edition content?

During gameplay, open up the Upgrades Menu by pressing the button and navigate to the Armory. Within this menu, you can customize your swords, gloves and motorcycle cosmetics and also select the content that is available to you - depending on the edition you purchased.

How do the leaderboards work?

The leaderboards within Ghostrunner 2 display the times & deaths of friends only. As such, you first need to ensure that you have added other players to your friends list.
After adding other players to your friends list and they have completed the same level as you have on Ghostrunner 2, you will be able to see their times & death statistics.