What is GRAVEN?

GRAVEN is an Action Puzzle shooter with light RPG mechanics, sprinkled with mysteries, puzzles, and secrets.

Who made GRAVEN?

The game is developed by Slipgate Ironworks and co-published by 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing. The team consists of veterans from the Quake community, 3D Realms veterans such as Chuck Jones (the artist behind many famous characters such as most of the 3D models in Half Life, and Duke Nukem 3D), and many more.

What's the story of GRAVEN?

A faithful priest of the Orthogonal order, wrongfully exiled unto death, you awake in a small boat, adrift in a swamp. A stranger ferries you to solid ground and bestows upon you vague instructions, along with a mysterious staff and book. Go forth, pious priest, alleviate suffering, uncover deceptions, and smash the eldritch perversions encroaching upon reality itself.

What does GRAVEN mean?

Graven refers to the difference between that which is created, and that which is a natural result of an organic process. What is a grave concern in Graven is the interference in the exception to that organic process, and what happens when foundational elements are tampered with.

Does GRAVEN have RPG-like elements?

Not in the sense of an XP bar or levelling up. Merchants exist for acquiring and selling items, as well as upgrading your gear. Other NPCs can yield information to help you uncover a secret, or guide you in the story. But you won’t be assigning skill points or grinding for resources.

Does GRAVEN have Multiplayer?

Yes, GRAVEN supports co-op multiplayer for up to 8 players at a time.