What does Early Access mean for House Party?

The main storyline for House Party is completely playable! The last piece of content that we will be adding to the game with our exit from Early Access is the female playable character and updated storyline, when playing as a female. You may also occasionally find recently updated subtitles that have not yet been translated into our supported languages.

When will House Party exit Early Access?

July 15, 2022!

Can I use my saved games in new versions of House Party?

You can use your saved games in updated versions of the game. However, you may run into issues occasionally if something has been added to the game that is not accounted for in the old saved game data.

Where is the best place to ask for help, make suggestions, or submit a bug report?

The best place to get help, make suggestions, or submit bug reports is our House Party community Discord: https://discord.gg/eekgames