House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack

Enjoy spine-chilling seasonal decorations, sinister costumes, creepy critters, and more in House Party's petrifying free Halloween holiday pack. Keep an eye out for ongoing spooky season updates!

House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack

Happy Halloween, Partiers!

To celebrate the fall spooky season, Madison has decked the house party out with spine-chilling holiday decorations, and some of the more Halloween-minded guests have put on a sinister special accessory to celebrate!

Enjoy petrifying seasonal decorations, scary outfits, and creepy critters in this festive autumn party pack. We'll also keep the party fresh with ongoing free updates containing brand new holiday content!

House Party-112m0

Enjoy Halloween all year round!

This was originally a limited-time update, but - due to popular demand - we're giving you the option to keep the holiday around...permanently!

With this downloadable content pack, you can enjoy the harrowing Halloween aesthetic endlessly. This is for the doods and lady-doods who like to party, and like their parties spooky.

House Party-wwbxf

Pumpkins on...Pumpkins off!

Thanks to feedback from our amazing player community, we also added the ability to toggle the Halloween content on or off whenever you want!

This way, you'll never have to uninstall or re-download the seasonal item pack when you want to use it. Just select the content from the main menu when you're ready to play. It's that easy, brahs.

House Party-17h5o

Free future content updates!

You read that right. We'll be adding more awesome new stuff to this event pack for free.

There's a bunch of cool stuff coming, so be sure to check back every so often to see what's different! You can also roll back to older versions if you'd only like to experience content we had available in a previous update. The choice is yours!

House Party-1uya9

The House Party Halloween holiday pack features spooky new seasonal decorations, like:

  • Pumpkins

  • Spooky Ghosts

  • A Cheap Skeleton

  • Lots Of Spiderwebs

  • One Giant Furry Spider

  • And Much More Decorations To Come...

House Party-6fuf5

It also features holiday costumes and accessories, such as:

A succubus/incubus outfit (wearable on all characters), including:

  • Scary Horns

  • Creepy Bat Wings

  • A Sexy, Spiky Tail

  • And Many More Costumes & Accessories On The Way...

What are you waiting for? Put your costume on and come get spooky at the House Party!

House Party System Requirements



OS version

Windows® 7

OS version

Windows® 10


Intel Pentium G4500/AMD FX8350


Intel i5 6500/AMD Ryzen 3-1200


8 GB


8 GB


Direct X 11 GPU w/ 2GB Available Video Memory




DirectX 11


8 GB


8 GB

Languages Supported

  • Audio: English

  • Text: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Russian, Spanish (Latin America), German, Turkish, Italian

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