Hush Hush

A Visual Novel with a twist - improve skills, charm girls, and learn dangerous secrets... by any means necessary.

A Visual Novel with a twist - improve skills, charm girls, and learn dangerous secrets... by any means necessary.

Hush Hush is a visual novel that's part dating sim, part murder mystery.
An ominous dream and a mysterious invitation bring you to Subrosa, a coastal town where everything, and everyone, are beautiful. But under the surface of this perfect vacation destination is a dark world of secrets, stalkers, violence, and murder.
You must put together the pieces of what's happening in order to save five girls. But to do that, you'll need to win their trust. You may need to befriend, entice, comfort or flirt with them to learn the secrets they're hiding, and rescue them from a grisly fate.
Can you save these five girls doomed to die? Will you try to walk a path of virtue and honesty? Or will you get your hands dirty, and fight fire with fire?
The Goddesses are watching. The Storm is coming. And the choices are yours.
Don't let them keep things Hush Hush.
Hush Hush is a branching path visual novel, that requires you to juggle a schedule, and figure out the personalities of each girl to maximize your relationships. The game features:
9 romanceable characters - featuring characters from Crush Crush and Blush Blush!
Multiple endings - the outcome of the story depends on how 'good' and 'evil' your choices are
Lots of stunningly gorgeous CGs - see our characters in beautiful, striking poses and scenes
A Phone texting system - schedule dates, juggle conversations, and maybe even 'ghost' a girl or two
More than 100 unique backgrounds including different time of day and weather
Tons of branching paths, based on your stats. Strategize your choices to get the best options
Over 200,000+ lines of dialogue fully voiced by an incredibly charming cast
10+ hours of gameplay, up to 20 for completionists
Dozens of achievements - including easter eggs for truly hilarious or terrible decisions
A full original soundtrack to make those special moments hurt so good

Available Achievements

Awkward Treat-ment
10 XP
A Load Of The Goods
10 XP
Make It Rain
25 XP
Not My Potatoes!
10 XP
Speed Run!
10 XP

Hush Hush System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel or AMD CPU 1.6GHz+ with SSE2
CPUIntel or AMD CPU 1.6GHz+ with SSE2
Memory2 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUDirectX 10+ Support
GPUDirectX 12 Support
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage1 GB
Storage1 GB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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