Altitude Units Pack

The ‘Altitude Units’ pack contains clothing for the extreme cold of high altitude Alpine Warfare. There are fur lined coats, thick boots, unique jackets, and dedicated ski uniforms, along with headgear variants, moustaches, goggles, pipes, and new faces.

Altitude Units Pack

The ‘Altitude Units’ pack showcases some of the attire soldiers from both sides used to try and cope in the extreme cold of the high alps. These items include fur lined coats, thick boots, unique jackets, and dedicated ski uniforms. This pack contains a new uniform for each role across the Italian and Austro-Hungarian factions, as well as headgear variants, mustaches, goggles/pipes, and new faces.

The ‘Altitude Units’ pack contains 40+ items:

  • 6 Italian Uniforms
  • 13 Italian Headgear Items
  • 6 Austro-Hungarian Uniforms
  • 13 Austro-Hungarian Headgear Items
  • 7 Facial Items
  • 5 Mustaches
  • 2 Faces (one per faction)
As the war proceeded, both the Italians and Austro-Hungarians started to acclimatize to fighting on some of the loftiest battlefields ever experienced (prior to the invention of air-based warfare of course). Extreme temperatures would see troops decked out in mittens, fur-lined coats, balaclavas and in some cases even wicker shoe covers. Thousands of feet above sea level, this apparel would prove to be essential for survival, with the conditions every bit as deadly as the most committed enemy.
Austro-Hungarian soldiers receive a series of fur lined coats, worn over their uniforms, and typically paired with other items necessary for keeping the cold at bay. The pack sees large wicker shoes used by sentries, Ski troops with bearpaw style snowshoes, and officers looking magnificent with the fluffiest of fur collars. The apparel of the war up in the clouds was often not just utilitarian, but also rather stylish.
Italian troops took the dangers of the cold seriously with extreme cold weather coats. The engineer casts an imposing figure in his enormous sheepskin coat with deep fur-lined pockets and large leather snow boots – he could almost have stepped straight from stories of myth and legend. The Italian officer dons a stylish fur lined greatcoat as befits his rank, and the Italian sharpshooter is warm and comfy in his large coat and balaclava.
The headgear in this pack includes stylish officers’ caps with goggles, fur hats, and headgear variants with cloth wraps to help keep the cold at bay. The, at times, comical ski suit hoods will also be available for troops with ski jackets.

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PC Gamer
by Morgan Park
78 / 100
We're in a milsim boom and Isonzo's thrilling, if limiting battlefields fit nicely into it.
by Luke Winkie
7 / 10
Isonzo is a well-made shooter that welcomes all comers to its gorgeous, mountainous World War I multiplayer battlefields, though a lot of that approachability and familiarity comes at the cost of period authenticity and distinctive gameplay.
PC Invasion
by Martynas Klimas
8 / 10
Isonzo changes the formula of the WW1 game series -- and it's all for the better.
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Windows OSWindows 10 64-Bit
Windows OSWindows 10 64-Bit
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Windows Memory8 GB RAM
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Windows Storage20 GB available space
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Windows Direct X11
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