Jackbox Party Pack 4


The Jackbox Party Pack 4

The biggest and fourthiest addition to this storied party game franchise features not five but FIVE AND A HALF crowd-slaying games!
1) The blanking fun sequel Fibbage 3 (2-8 players). Play all-new question types and the game mode Fibbage: Enough About You (3-8 players). Guess the weird facts about your friends.
2) The web-based frame game Survive the Internet (3-8 players). Twist your friends’ “online” comments in hilarious ways.
3) The spooky date-a-thon Monster Seeking Monster (3-7 players). Message and date fellow monsters with special powers.
4) The deranged debate match Bracketeering (3-16 players). Place smart bets on stupid arguments.
5) The one-up art game Civic Doodle (3-8 players). Compete to improve the town murals.
Play using your phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed!
Plus EVEN MORE features just for streamers!

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Jackbox Party Pack 4 Ratings & Reviews

  • 68%
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  • 78
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by Amy Kay Purcell
85 / 100
All in all, the Jackbox Party Pack 4 is a great party game bundle with far more hits than misses.
by Lou Contaldi
8 / 10
Even just to have for one dinner party or hangout of four or more friends, the entry price is worth it – Jackbox Party Pack 4 is a guaranteed multi-hour adventure into adult fun.
Windows Central
by Paul Acevedo
Jackbox Party Pack 4 is a very solid collection of party games. In fact, it's probably the best entry in the series. Only one game is a real dud, with the other four games offering plenty of chances for hilarity. And Fibbage About You is a clever spin on the already great game of Fibbage.
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Jackbox Party Pack 4 System Requirements



OSWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
OSWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor2 Ghz Dual Core or higher
Processor2 Ghz Dual Core or higher
Memory512 MB RAM
Memory512 MB RAM
NetworkBroadband Internet connection
NetworkBroadband Internet connection
Storage650 MB available space
Storage650 MB available space
Sound CardIntegrated
Sound CardIntegrated
Languages Supported
  • English
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