Kao the Kangaroo: Summer Drip Free DLC

Summer is here! While everyone else drips with sweat, Kao is dripping with style! The free Summer Drip DLC adds two costumes to Kao’s wardrobe! That’s four new pieces you can mix and match to create your own look.

Kao the Kangaroo: Summer Drip Free DLC

Look like a respectable sailor ready for a new voyage, or the pool party look ready for a good time!

Unlock two free outfits just in time for summer! The Summer Drip DLC includes two full outfits (two separate items in each) that can be mixed and matched with other items in-game!

Kao the Kangaroo Ratings & Reviews

  • 44%
    Critics Recommend
  • 68
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  • Fair
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by Henry Stockdale
7 / 10
Kao the Kangaroo makes no secret of its inspirations and while this isn't the toughest platformer going, it's refreshingly straightforward.
Game Informer
by Marcus Stewart
6 / 10
I initially thought that Kao the Kangaroo would, at the very least, be a great recommendation for younger players. Then I remembered that I and generations of kids cut their teeth on games like Mario, Crash Bandicoot, or Ratchet & Clank – kid-friendly platformers that still offer plenty of mechanical depth, polish, and design creativity. Children are much more capable than we sometimes give credit for, and Kao’s by-the-numbers design would likely bore all but the most nascent of gamers. Kao the Kangaroo isn’t a total disaster by any means. It just feels aggressively average and forgettable which, sadly, has been the case for the mascot for years.
Digital Trends
by Tomas Franzese
Kao the Kangaroo is a fun 3D platformer franchise revival with solid platforming and less-than-solid narrative.
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Kao the Kangaroo System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUi5 3300 3,20 GHz 4 cores/4 threads
CPUi5 3300 3,20 GHz 4 cores/4 threads
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUGeForce GTX 760 2 gb
GPUGeForce GTX 760 2 gb
DirectXDirectX 11
Additional input deviceGamepad
Additional NotesController recommended
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English, Polish
  • Text: Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Latin America), Czech, German, French, Italian, English
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