KMON: World of Kogaea

Discover the massive world of Kogaea in this cross-platform MMORPG. Craft, Battle and find a way to survive this Universe with your Kryptomon team.

This is an Early Access Game

Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.

You can play now to experience the game while it's being built or wait until it offers a more complete experience.

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This is a Blockchain/NFT Game

This game supports or includes the use of Blockchain, NFT technology, or Cryptocurrency. All transactions and related activity, payments for in-game purchases, refunds, and customer support are handled by the publisher of this product.

Please be advised: before purchasing any cryptocurrency or digital assets that players should do their own research. Player purchases through third party marketplaces are made at their own risk, and Epic Games does not encourage the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency or digital asset.

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Discover the World of Kogaea in KMON: An Epic Web3 MMORPG Adventure

Step into the mystical realm of Kogaea, a parallel world where ancient elements and mythical creatures thrive. "KMON: World of Kogaea" is a groundbreaking web3-enabled MMORPG that combines the expansive gameplay of classics like World of Warcraft with the collectible charm of Pokémon. Navigate through a continent divided into eight unique regions, each representing one of the elemental forces that influence the creatures known as 'Kryptomons.'

Game Features

  • Dynamic Exploration & Quests: Traverse diverse landscapes from lush forests to volcanic plains. Uncover hidden secrets and embark on epic quests.
  • Robust Combat System: Engage in strategic PvE battles or challenge other players in intense PvP matchups.
  • Community and Guilds: Join forces with players worldwide, form guilds, and partake in community-driven events.
  • Crafting & Farming: Harness resources to craft powerful items and gear. Cultivate your land to produce rare materials.
  • Dungeons: Team up to conquer challenging dungeons for legendary rewards.

Unique Web3 Integration:

Every Kryptomon and many in-game items are unique NFTs, owned entirely by you. Secure your own piece of Kogaea with customizable land plots where you can build homes, forges, and shops. Utilize the in-game token $KMON for trading, enhancing your gameplay experience with true digital ownership and economy.
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    • KMON: World of Kogaea-s9gl0

KMON: World of Kogaea System Requirements



OS versionWindows® 10 (64-bit)
OS versionWindows® 10 (64-bit)
CPUIntel® Core™ i5-4590 (quad-core) / AMD® FX-Series™ FX-4350 (quad-core)
CPUIntel® Core™ i5-6600 (quad-core) / AMD® FX-Series™ FX-9590 (octa-core)
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory12 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (2 GB) / AMD® Radeon™ RX-460 (4 GB)
GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 (4 GB) / AMD® Radeon™ RX 570 (8 GB)
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English
This game has been developed & published by Pink Moon Studios Ltd.