Early Access FAQ contains content that is unrated and may not be appropriate for all ages.

Early Access FAQ

Why is Life by You doing Early Access?

To put it simply: because we want to build this game together, with you. We aim to be transparent, listen to and incorporate feedback from the community, and prioritize what you want to see most during our Early Access period.
Life is a huge topic, and life simulation is only limited by your imagination, so we know that there’s a lot we can add with your input. This is a huge game, we can't wait to keep working on it with you!

What is included during Early Access?

A playable build of Life by You that will not have all the content & features that we will have at full-launch, frequent patches to the game, and an invite to our private Life by You Discord server - providing a space for you to directly engage with our dev team and to directly give us your feedback.

How long do you estimate you will be in Early Access?

We anticipate that the game will be in Early Access for at least 12 months. This time is subject to change as we continue to work on development and receive feedback from you, our Early Access players.

What is the current state of the game?

Currently, Life by You is building out a robust gameplay system, including customization options, Creator Tools, character interactions, and quests. Early Access won’t have all of the content we hope to have at launch, and there’s still a lot we hope to accomplish while we’re in Early Access, but the game is in a very exciting stage for Early Access players!

What is the team prioritizing during Early Access?

As an Early Access game, we look forward to working directly with you, our players, to determine the ideas and content that will drive the priorities in our game development and bring Life by You to full-launch. We hope to have regular surveys to receive feedback from you all and build our roadmap around what you would like to see.
That being said, we do have a wishlist of features that we’re working on! Children are not currently fully implemented in game so we see improvements here, including further developing children and adding more content for them as Early Access progresses.

What is the price for Early Access?

Early Access is available for a special introductory price of $39.99 USD. If you pre-order now, it will include our limited-time Life Begins Pack.

Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?

Prices will go up after the game officially launches.

If I buy Early Access, will I have to purchase the game again when it launches?

Nope! If you purchase the game during Early Access, you will receive the full version of the game when it launches.

How can I provide feedback and bug reports?

We are very excited to be able to communicate with you all directly through our private Early Access Server! Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines for the Discord, after which we hope to hear all of your feedback and compile any issues you run into during Early Access.

How often will you be updating during Early Access?

You will be able to expect regular updates as the entire team works to add more content, fix issues, and evolve the game. The exact frequency will depend on our development speed and your very own feedback. We will communicate updates through our Early Access Discord and our social channels!

What should I expect when the game leaves Early Access?

Once the game leaves Early Access, you can continue to expect consistent updates and improvements to the game. We will continue to introduce modder-friendly tools and features, and develop with our community in mind!

Will our progress carry over into the launch of the game?

We will be making substantial changes during our Early Access period. Saves may be impacted while we work on changing features, applying fixes, and generally improving Life by You. Rest assured that we will communicate anything that might impact your saved data.

Can I get achievements in Early Access?

You will be unable to earn achievements during Early Access, but they are one element of the game that we will work on during Early Access– be sure to join the Discord and suggest the types of achievements you’d like to earn!

Will there be modding support in Early Access?

You will be able to access all of the Creator Tools during Early Access. You will be able to share and access mods on our site - which be launched soon!

How many worlds will be available in Early Access?

We will have at least 1 world available at Early Access, which will be fully adjustable and buildable.

What are the system requirements for Early Access?

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-8600 / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB / AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space