Mars Base

Welcome to Mars Base, humanity’s foothold on the Red Planet! Join the expedition and make history: turn barren soil into fertile farmland, grow food for colonists’ tables, and unearth the secrets of Mars! Are you ready to science the “crop” out of everything?

About the Game

Welcome to Mars, adventurer! You have been selected to join the Mars colonization mission & establish a permanent human presence on the enigmatic Red Planet. Your assignment is at Mars Base, located in the scenic Erebus Montes region on the Amazonia Planitia. Your job? Make sure that our nascent colony can sustain itself through agriculture. Achieve the impossible & convert the harsh Martian soil to arable land, grow everything the colonists need to survive. If successful, you'll make Human-Martian history.
But never forget that you'll be working tens of miilions of kms away with no resupply!

Welcome to Mars Base

The Erebus Montes region has a rich geological history. Mars Base will be digging into this rich history & helping humanity understand our next home better.
  • The base is a living organism with dozens of facilities. You will have access to all the essentials upon landing, including crafting facilities, research labs, solar power plants & greenhouses.
  • Every colonist has something to share. Be sure to interact with your fellow expedition members to learn their stories & see if you can't help them with their tasks. Teamwork!
  • More colonists will join you at the base every 2 Earth years.

Science the Crop out of Mars

As the main botanist, you are responsible for turning Mars into a living planet. Colonists will certainly appreciate your labor to keep them fed & alive.
  • The soil can be toxic & barren, so be creative. Raw resources are supplied daily, so you'll gradually turn this sterile land into something better suited for life to thrive.
  • Colonists don't live on “poo-tatoes” alone. You must rovide a variety of crops & the necessary micronutrients. Scurvy is not fun!
  • Use a broad range of tools to succeed!

Mission: Mars

Mars is more than just humanity's first foothold in the stars. It is also endless wind-swept plains and cyclopean mountains above ground, gigantic pyroducts and vast caverns below, as well as the most hostile environment humanity has set foot upon. Grow your crops, pack them for the journey, and venture out beyond the safe perimeter of Mars Base to explore the Red Planet!

You Mission

  • If you brave the dust storms on the surface & the mysteries underground, you'll access valuable resources for crafting tools & supplies. Maybe even help further the mission's scientific research goals !
  • Crafting is essential. Bring back resources & see what can be made - or grow agricultural projects instead!
  • Or, don your chef hat & whip up meals with freshly grown produce, race rovers for research, or build rockets to explore even further.

Mars Base System Requirements



OS versionMicrosoft 64-bit Windows 7
OS versionMicrosoft 64-bit Windows 7
CPU2.0 Ghz
CPU2.0 Ghz
Memory1 GB
Memory1 GB
GPU256mb Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 2.0+ support
GPU256mb Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 2.0+ support
Storage1 GB
Storage1 GB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: Japanese, German, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Spain), French, English
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