Mayhem in Single Valley

In this fast-paced, puzzle-loaded action adventure, you’ll juggle housework, zombie hoards, family dinners and radioactive squirrels! Oh, and you have to prevent the end of the world while keeping everyone from finding out it was all your fault.

Mayhem in Single Valley

Sometimes you have a bad day, and sometimes you wake up and accidentally start the apocalypse. Meet Jack, a mischievous kid with a twisted family, his trusty slingshot, and endless bad luck. In this action-adventure, it’s up to you to stop the monstrous swarms at the end of the world, and make it back to the dinner table in time.
Save the world, and keep the town together - It ain’t simple being the sole hero of a quiet town. As Single Valley begins to crumble, you’ll uncover the town’s hidden secrets along the way. What’s scarier - hidden family history, the strange truth of your neighbors, or an adventure game breaking down its fourth wall right on its Steam page?
Apocalyptic monsters have feelings too - The creatures you’ll encounter in Single Valley all have their own likes/dislikes to learn - if you take a moment to watch them scurry around and destroy things... You don’t always have to kill, you can play their behaviour against them and get inventive!
Hey, at least the end of the world creates some fun puzzles to solve! - The reality of Single Valley is breaking apart! To save us all, you’ll need to raft over poisonous rivers, take class at the Elementary School of Ghosts, clone yourself, and even navigate the perilous trials of earning your father’s approval.

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by Will Quick
7 / 10
A wacky adventure romp with lots of variety and control troubles.
Rapid Reviews UK
by Joshua Callaghan
The gorgeous pixel art is definitely the star of the show in Mayhem In Single Valley, packed with detailed animations and incredible lighting effects. Though the other gameplay elements are average, there’s still fun to be found admiring the game’s visuals whilst navigating this world of mayhem.
Gaming Nexus
by Elliot Hilderbrand
7.4 / 10
Overall, Mayhem in Single Valley can be an enjoyable game, but its flaws prevent it from being a must-play experience.
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Mayhem in Single Valley System Requirements



OSWindows 7
OSWindows 10
Processor2.4 GHz Dual Core
Processor2.4 GHz Quad Core
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
Storage2 GB
Storage2 GB
Direct XVersion 9
Direct XVersion 11
GraphicsGTX 760 or Equivalent
GraphicsGTX 1060 or Equivalent
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Languages Supported
  • AUDIO: English | TEXT: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish - Spain, Korean, Japanese
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