Monsters of Mican

A whimsical party-based first person turn-based dungeon crawler RPG. Discover the origin of Monsters in Mican as you explore unique handcrafted dungeons, battle hundreds of diverse monsters, learn dozens of spells, and find tons of secrets and loot!

Welcome to Mican! Explore hand crafted dungeons, fight tons of zany monsters, and discover the ancient truth behind the origin of monsters!

Monsters of Mican is a first person, party based dungeon crawler RPG, often known as a Blobber. The game was heavily inspired by classic PC RPGs such as Might and Magic and Wizardry, with plenty of modern flair and heaps of QOL features.
Features include:
  • Hundreds of unique, whimsical, and sometimes terrifying monsters
  • Dozens of unique monster traits that drastically change what monsters are capable of in battle
  • A highly robust character creator with 14 character classes to choose from
  • Hundreds of abilities/spells, including one unique ability exclusive to each class
  • Dozens of passive skills, with 5 possible rank upgrades
  • Over 10 large, hand-crafted dungeons
  • Hand crafted NPCs with unique personalities and stories
  • Boss fights with wildly different mechanics
  • 6 post-game challenge dungeons with specific themed rules and conditions
  • An original soundtrack featuring over 20 unique compositions made in the style of classic 90s CRPGs
  • A robust list of difficulty options and video settings
The game takes place on Mican, a world turned upside down long ago by an event called "The Amalgam Anomaly" which birthed hundreds if not thousands of different types of monsters, creatures, half-breed amalgams and other nightmares into the world. The game has you venturing into a mountain at the heart of Spiny Island to discover what the monsters in the caves are up to... and discovering other mysterious secrets about the world in the process.
Update Notes- Version 1.6:
-Added a menu to reconfigure input key mapping
-Fixed minor UI bugs related to text clipping in store menus
-Fixed minor interaction bug which momentarily disabled interaction after using the item (i.e. after talking to Jeppel)
Update notes- Version 1.7:
-Added cheat code vender "Mister Sweets"
- Cheat codes can be distributed via socials/marketing campaigns and redeemed in town at the above vender for special high level items!
  • Fixed visual issues with some world textures
Update notes Ver. 1.71:
-Fixed a critical bug that crashed the game after defeating the (optional) Kraken boss in the Kraken's lair. Please update to ver. 1.71 to enable progress after this fight.
Update notes version 2.0: Monster Buddies!
Minor additions:
-Added contextual skill indicators in the equip item screen, letting you compare the selected characters skills governing use of the equipped item and the item to be equipped
  • Added clarifications about armor type (i.e. Light Armor/Heavy Armor/Robe Armor) in item descriptions for armor
  • Added a red asterisk to any empty equipment slot if you carry an equippable item of that type in the inventory
  • Added a green arrow indicator to a filled equipment slot if you carry a better item of that type. (Note: "better" in this case means the base stats are better after skill calculation, special enchantments are not taken into account)
  • Added a green crown indicator to show which item in the inventory is the "best in slot" for the selected slot
  • Added an "equip best in slot" button to each individual item slot and an overall "equip best in all slots" button, which will automatically equip one/all "best in slot" items for the selected character
  • Space button can now be used to sell selected item in sell screen, to help speed up mass selling
  • Minor fix to the way the sell screen is displayed
  • Added "target needed" crosshair indicator to ability icons which require a target before use
  • Abilities which require a weapon that is not equipped will be greyed out on the ability bar
  • Added all loading screen tips to a new "hints/tips" section of the notes screen
  • Added detailed combat tutorial which appears the first time a player initiates combat
  • Added an indicator for which skills and/or stats are checked when hovering over a relevant interaction option (i.e. disarm trap checks burglary, dexterity and luck)
  • Added a list of currently equipped items in the relevant slot when hovering over an item in chest
  • Added a red text indicator showing how many skill points will be used when hovering over an "add to skill" button
  • Changed the text color for "important items" from dark purple to a more viewable light green
  • Changed the default sword icon in equipment to be more distinct from the dagger icon
  • Added tooltip descriptions for conditions, hover over condition to view
  • Removed MP cost for using wands
  • Added a KillZ, which will teleport the player back to the default start location if they manage to fall out of the level
  • Raised the damage dealt by the trap outside of Commander Blargh's room
  • Added "best buddy" trait to Gragh and Bragh, to better reflect their relationship
  • Added new input control to select previous character (shift+tab)
  • Disallowed targeting bosses before engaging them in boss fight (avoids 1-shotting the boss before the cutscene can play)
  • Added additional robe armor items, robe armor now works with the dodge skill
  • Shops now refresh items only when loading the level (via saving/loading savescum away!
    or leaving the map)
  • Added detailed description for Character Creation menu, explaining each item in detail, including each Class-specific ability
Major Additions:
  • Added a Monster Rush Zone, accessible from the Unearthed Pit.
    Face over a dozen waves of progressively harder monsters, facing one of every monster type in the game. Monster Rush resets when leaving the level, so you can grind to your heart's content, if you choose.
    After completing the Monster Rush you can attempt a Boss Rush, fighting all 13 Bosses in the game- at once!!
    Completion of the Boss Rush unlocks two extremely useful secret spells.
  • Added a new Monster Buddy system, and the associated Monster Lore skill.
    Monster Lore introduces the "befriend" ability, which allows the user to recruit any monster they face in battle. Tip: "befriend" has a higher chance of success the lower a monster's HP is.
    Recruited Monster Buddies can be visited and interacted with at the new Monster Glade map, accessible from just outside of town.
    You will be rewarded for each 10 monsters you add to Monster Buddies
    Recruited Monster Buddies can also be "unleashed" onto enemies, via the new "unleash" and "stampede" abilities.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed missing collision on several ceilings
  • Fixed collision bug on Red Lich
  • Fixed issues with saving/loading after Mutono boss
  • Fixed issue where the player could jump in some menus
  • Fixed issues with minor gaps between some walls allowing monsters to see the player from behind the wall
  • Fixed issue with using a scroll on a character who wasn't skilled enough to learn the spell
  • Fixed issue with wand use causing unlearned abilities to show up on the quick spell menu
  • Fixed player start location in Hall of Bones
  • Fixed issues with load button not working during game over screen
  • Fixed issue with character menu being toggleable during game over
  • Fixed other load screen/load slot errors
There are additional minor changes and fixes throughout the game.

Available Achievements

Blargh Buster
50 XP
Bonebeard Banisher
50 XP
Captain's Logger
50 XP
Central Core Crusher
50 XP
Dragon Destroyer
50 XP

Monsters of Mican System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 11
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
GPUGTX 1070 or better
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
Additional NotesGame has not been tested enough to determine min GPU/CPU settings, but has many scalability options in-game.
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English
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