When will Moonray be released?

We are aiming for an Early Access release in early 2024

Where can I learn more about the Moonray graphic novel?

Moonray Book One is available in your local comic store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever fine books are sold
Visit moonray.studio
for more info

Will there be a single player mode?

We do not have any plans for a single-player campaign, but we do have plans for PvPvE game modes in the future

Does Moonray support controllers?

Yes, our combat is designed to be played with a controller

Will there be skill-based matchmaking?

Absolutely, there will be a variety of unranked and ranked game modes that will take player skill into account during matchmaking

Which blockchain does Moonray use?

We use Ethereum mainnet which is proof-of-stake

How is the Ethereum blockchain used in this game?

We use the blockchain to represent skins as NFTs.
Skins and cosmetic items that you purchase in-app are represented technically as Ethereum ERC-721 NFTs. That means that those items can be traded in an external marketplace if you connect a wallet.
You do not need to connect a wallet however or interact with a blockchain in any way. If you do not connect a wallet, in-app purchases will function as normal, you simply cannot trade them externally until you connect a blockchain wallet.

Will an NFT or any blockchain technology be required to play the game? Do I need to interact with the blockchain in order to play?

No, you will not need to use any blockchain technology or NFT to enjoy the game. You will not need to interact with the blockchain in any way in order to play or enjoy your in-app purchases.
Digital items will be represented as NFTs behind the scenes, but you will not need to interact with the blockchain unless you want to trade items externally. That is the only reason to use blockchain technology in Moonray.

What is the utility of an NFT in this game?

All NFTs are purely visual changes, they will not provide any gameplay enhancements. The utility of an NFT is simply that you can trade and sell items easily in any marketplace that supports Ethereum NFTs. So if you get bored with your skins, you can easily trade them.
Any skin you purchase in the game is actually an NFT, but you don't have to use any blockchain or worry about NFTs if you're not interested in that.

Do I need to connect an external blockchain wallet in order to play?

No, no wallet is necessary unless you want to trade any of your skins or items outside of the game.

Which blockchain wallets are supported?

We support Metamask and will be adding more EVM wallets soon

Does your game have a marketplace for buying items?

Not yet, but our marketplace is under development and will be released at some point during Early Access

Do I need to make any in-app purchases in order to play?

No, if you've purchased the base game you do not need to make any in-app purchases to play.
In-app purchases are just cosmetic enhancements and new skins.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

No they are not, but if you connect a wallet and withdraw the NFT, you can sell or trade it on any external NFT Ethereum marketplace

Which payment processing platform do you plan on using?

We have not decided on a platform yet, most likely we will use Epic's native platform