No More Room in Hell 2

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No More Room in Hell 2 is a terrifying 8 player co-op action horror experience. Start alone, find your friends in the dark and survive - in a dynamic, endlessly replayable zombie apocalypse.

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Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.

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No More Room in Hell 2 is an intense & terrifying permadeath co-op journey into the eerie darkness of zombie-infested zones. As an emergency responder you must survive, scavenge, stockpile and fulfill your mission - then repeat, each time in an ever-changing experience.


Eight co-op players spawn separately across one huge map, deploying their wits and deadly reflexes to unite & survive against the unstoppable forces of the undead. Players must communicate and strategize to survive, with danger lurking in every shadow. Carve your path through the horde with combat - or cunning.
There are multiple ways to tackle any scenario, but character permadeath creates huge consequences for every bad decision, as the undead react to every move and noise you make. Draw foes away with a car alarm, lead them directly into the teeth of a trap, or go with a more forceful approach of explosive action.


Play together, but start alone. Find your way to your teammates with proximity voice chat and grow together in power. Each match, you’ll go from shaking solo in the darkness with only a beer bottle, to forming a fully stocked co-op squad with assault rifles and explosives. An ever-present threat remains: if a responder dies, all of their progress is lost.
Power Plant, the first Early Access area, places eight players at the outskirts of a massive map in rural Pennsylvania.
Start solo, locate co-op allies, then work together to get to the final objective at the map's center as the difficulty increases. Gather weapons & equipment to survive the rising threat, moving your squad towards the map’s power plant finale.
Objectives unfold as iconic horror movie scenes at abandoned gas stations, bars, military checkpoints and more, as you earn better gear to increase your odds of survival and restore infrastructure to keep humanity alive.


Every mission puts your character at risk of dying - forever.
Looting supplies levels up your responder, so long as they survive a mission. With every run you improve your chances for survival with access to equipment caches and starting gear.
Do you put your character’s life on the line to save a squad member? Rewards increase as more squadmates extract, but the risks of permadeath are ever-present.
This is co-op with consequences.


No More Room in Hell 2 is a visceral & human horror experience - where the rotting undead were once real people.
One zombie is a threat. A crowd of zombies will tear you apart. The undead not only see you, they can hear you, each other, and every deafening sound you trigger in the hushed wilderness.
Multiple zombie types and an ever present darkness keeps you always one step away from a horrifying end - including your responder joining the undead horde.


Ammo is scarce (at first), zombies are dangerous, and players are fragile. Experience thrilling survival horror with an arsenal of weapons - some professional, some improvised - to ward off and outwit the undead.
Bury a crowbar into a walker’s skull with visceral melee combat, or unload your last shotgun shell into the advancing horde. A dynamic gore system lets you see and feel the sickening impact of every wound you impart on the undead.
Stay alive by planning out your combat encounters, using tools like proximity bombs to employ brains instead of brawn.
Do whatever you can to make it out alive.

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