Early Access FAQ
Early Access FAQ

What does early access mean?

  • Buying the game in early access will let you play the unfinished game now while it's still being worked on and give you the full game once it's finished.

What state is the game in currently?

  • Ooblets is in a very playable state, but there are going to be a bunch of bugs and unfinished parts. There's an overarching story that plays out through some of your quests that won't be fully completed until we reach our 1.0 release. Depending on how you play, we'd estimate that there's about 6-40 hours of gameplay right now.

What will be changing over time?

  • As we develop the game, we'll be fixing bugs, improving balancing, and adding content. The goal is to release a new visitable region in each of our major updates (every few months) leading up to our 1.0 release. We don't know how many there will be in total, but we're expecting at least 2 new regions to be added. New content releases will have some added clothing options, furniture, decor, and possibly some new ooblets...

Will my save files break after updates?

  • We'll try really hard not to break saves, but it may happen from time to time when we update. Sometimes it's difficult for us to know what might break saves until people start trying to play their old saves. We'll try to suss things out with an experimental branch you can join if you'd like to see what we're working on early.

How long will the game be in early access?

  • We don't want to make any promises because everything always takes longer than we expect. Our goal right now is to be in early access for a year but that estimate could be way off.

Will the price change when the game leaves early access?

  • Yes, the price will likely increase once we launch the 1.0 version.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports to help improve the game?

  • Sure! You can join our Discord server to leave feedback, bug reports, ask questions, or just chat about Ooblets.

Where can I keep up with Ooblets updates?