Paw Paw Destiny

Should not have been born? A secret story that your buddy before meet you... The experience of this artistic game is like a deep taste of aged Wine / good Cocktail / craft Beer.
Paw Paw Destiny-17glh

What the fluff?

  • Level up your sense of humor and art, while playing!
  • Solve social problems whiling travel around the world in a funny way!
  • Cat? or Dog? customize your original main character as you like!
  • Up to you play mode cozy / dark, according to your mood.


Story mode

Cinematic story (10 min × 18 chapters), each chapter contains new skill (full of black humor) & fresh gimmicks. A touching story unlike anything you have ever seen before. Heart wrenching emotional climax (universe, soul, origin of mankind, bond with the owner)

Traveling mode

1-6 min / play, Rogue-light type (randomly generated)
【Tourism】... (cozy, nature, relaxation, social deduction, mini games)
Enjoy local traditional food and music while thinking about the history of each country
【Exorcism】... (beat’em up, intense combat, action Platform, mini games)
Exterminate the bad guys who infest society and save the community (Lv.1 - Lv.5 high difficulty)
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character customization

100 types * many colors for an infinite number of original edit. dress up and go on an adventure!
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Karma delivery return to hell

There're no childish battles of group lynching of imaginary monsters. The enemy in this game is the Ego, ignorance, and weakness of the human. These become cruel violence, attacking player. If you could expose their hidden sins, it will be displayed as sin ID above their head entirely.
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The karma they drop can send back to hell with the surreal, dark retro game. Shop for items and new cosplay outfits with the points you earn!


Bloom nameless souls

A very small number of unsung hero and pure-hearted people in various countries of the world. Even though they have sacrificed themselves to purify the karma of their times, they are tearing in dark places where the world doesn't give them the righteous praise. Your buddy will play an important role in finding them through time and space, and making their beautiful souls bloom.
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Each complete episode depicts the beauty, ugliness, and ego of human beings in a thematic manner, and solving the dark problems of the real world, which are difficult to solve. The story gradually takes a dark turn, and soon reaches an astonishing conspiracy in which a cosmic mystery beyond human knowledge manipulates the blood, memory, time, and history of mankind.
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not shallow story / no time consuming / no childish violence / not addictive fantasy. opposite, artistic game
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By your playing, profits from this game will be donated to trusted animal shelters globally.
If you agree, please join us! also, please share.

Paw Paw Destiny System Requirements



OS versionwindows 10
OS versionwindows 10
Memory8 GB
Memory8 GB
GPU512 MB VRAM / GeForce 660
GPU512 MB VRAM / GeForce 660
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 10
Additional input deviceGamepad
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), German, French, Thai
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