Phoenix Point: Complete Edition

Inclusive Character Customization
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Phoenix Point: Complete Edition, the acclaimed strategy game from the creator of X-COM, is now assembled into the ultimate collection, including all DLCs, content updates, and product improvements over four years of development.

Phoenix Point

The Earth has been overrun. A mutating, alien menace threatens the last remnant of mankind. Only the Phoenix Project, a secret organization of the best minds and bravest soldiers left on earth, can repel the invasion and reverse the inevitable. The Phoenix Project looks to you for leadership. Research and develop new technologies, explore a ravaged globe, build your bases, manage resources, and dominate the battlefield.
Just remember: you're not alone out there. Factions, including the corporatist New Jericho, the indecisive Synedrion, and the fanatical Disciples of Anu, as well as a variety of offshoot subfactions, have their own values, goals, and view of the Pandorans. Work with these factions via Phoenix Point's diplomacy system, use subterfuge to steal what you need from them, or simply crush all around you with military might. No matter what you choose, victory won't be easy. Experience the best version of Phoenix Point's challenging gameplay in Phoenix Point: Complete Edition.

Complete Edition Features:

Tons of Content:

The Complete Edition of Phoenix Point includes all previously released content: 6 DLC Packs (Blood & Titanium DLC, Legacy of the Ancients DLC, Festering Skies DLC, Corrupted Horizons DLC, Kaos Engines DLC, and the Living Weapons Pack), and a slew of updates, upgrades, fixes, and new content suggested by our community.

Mutating Alien Menace:

Face down an ever-changing alien threat that adapts to your tactics and offers no respite even as your team becomes more powerful and technologically advanced.

Uncover the Secrets of the Pandoravirus:

Engage with a complex narrative, complete with multiple endings that the player can only uncover via several playthroughs. Explore, research, and discover a secret history, as you learn about the origins of the mutants, the Pandoravirus, and Phoenix Point itself.

Manage Diplomatic Relations:

The Phoenix Project is not the only organization trying to reclaim the Earth. The militaristic New Jericho, the mystical Disciples of Anu, and the technophiles of Synedrion all offer unique rewards for cooperation and threats of opposition. It is up to you to decide how or even if, to deal with them.

Take Aim on the Battlefield:

In addition to equipping and commanding units, Phoenix Point lets you take direct control of your soldier's shots in combat, with a unique free-aiming system. Target enemy weak spots, weapons, or valuables, or just go for center mass.

Next-Gen Tech with Classic Pedigree:

Phoenix Point was designed by Julian Gollop, the creator of the X-COM series in the 1990s. Integrating the core ethos of X-COM while updating the visuals, technology, and systems to modern standards have made Phoenix Point best-in-class.

Phoenix Point DLC & Add-Ons

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Phoenix Point Ratings & Reviews

  • 48%
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PC Gamer
by Jonathan Bolding
77 / 100
In terms of core design, turn-based tactics games don't get much better than Phoenix Point.
by David Wildgoose
8 / 10
Phoenix Point takes a good shot at revitalizing the XCOM formula.
by Josh Hawkins
8 / 10
Phoenix Point expands upon the XCOM formula brilliantly, offering a fantastic campaign that leaves you twisting and turning.
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Phoenix Point: Complete Edition System Requirements



OSWin 10, 8 and 7 SP1+ (64 bit)
OSWin 10, 8 and 7 SP1+ (64 bit)
ProcesserIntel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II X3
ProcesserIntel Core i5 3GHz / AMD FX series 3.2GHz
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory16 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidiaGeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon R9 270
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon R9 390X
DirectX:Version 11
DirectX:Version 11
SoundDirectSound Compatible
SoundDirectSound Compatible
Languages Supported
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Russian
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