Play, guide, or spectate your way to victory in REVENGE, a fast-paced Co-Op PvE FPS

This is an Early Access Game

Early Access games are still under development and may change significantly over time. As a result, you may experience unforeseen issues or completely new gameplay elements while playing this game.

You can play now to experience the game while it's being built or wait until it offers a more complete experience.

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This is a Blockchain/NFT Game

This game supports or includes the use of Blockchain, NFT technology, or Cryptocurrency. All transactions and related activity, payments for in-game purchases, refunds, and customer support are handled by the publisher of this product.

Please be advised: before purchasing any cryptocurrency or digital assets that players should do their own research. Player purchases through third party marketplaces are made at their own risk, and Epic Games does not encourage the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency or digital asset.

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REVENGE is THE first Co-Op PvE FPS that connects spectators with players.

Teams of four Raiders, accompanied by Guides and Oracles, must traverse the digital nightmare of MARA, a sentient virus invading the EVERREACH. Each match is enhanced by spectators providing strategic aid or unpredictable elements, influencing players in real-time.
Battle against MARA's digital creatures to gather artifacts, all while uncovering her mysterious origins and attempting to stop her for good through successful extractions.


Teams of four Raiders, accompanied by Guides and Oracles, must traverse her digital nightmare, retrieving the resources she’s taken while also uncovering her mysterious origins so they can figure out how to stop her for good.
Featuring a blend of intense action and strategic planning, each match is enhanced by spectators who provide strategic aid or unpredictable elements, influencing the game's outcome in real-time and adding a layer of collaborative excitement.
After the apocalypse, humanity dwells in bunkers underground. These bunkers are connected by the Everreach, a utopian virtual space housing all the knowledge of the old world, where people can work to save the future.
But the Everreach has been infected by MARA, a sentient computer virus twisting the space into a surreal nightmare. She’s been quarantined for now, but it’s only a matter of time before she escapes to claim the rest of the Everreach for herself.

REVENGE System Requirements



OS versionTBA
OS versionTBA
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID or Everreach Account
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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