Real Drift Multiplayer 2

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Real Drift Multiplayer 2 offers a unique experience waiting for drift enthusiasts! Experience a real racing simulator with customizable vehicles, competitive online modes, and realistic drift dynamics.

Real Drift Multiplayer 2

Real Drift Multiplayer 2, the highly anticipated second game of the series, is here. Real Drift Multiplayer 2 offers a virtual feast for those who love the thrill of drifting. Offering players a realistic drift racing experience with online and single-mode options, this game gives you adrenaline-filled drifting moments.
This racing game hosts five different attractive racing cars. But initially, only one is unlocked. So, how can you get other cars? Of course, by making great drifts! The higher your drift scores in the game, the more rewards you can earn. Thanks to these rewards, you can own other drift cars.
What do you expect from a car-driving game? If your answer is to customize my car, Real Drift Multiplayer 2 is for you. Creating the vehicle of your dreams with many customization options, from car color to wheels, suspension, and spoiler, is possible. Remember, a personalized tool can help you score higher in-game.
In the single mode of the game, your goal is to get the highest drift score within the specified time. You can start this exciting drift game experience by choosing one of three maps. However, things are more competitive in online mode. Your goal here is to be first by getting more points than other players. Enjoy being first in the multiplayer game mode by leaving your opponents behind.
Real Drift Multiplayer 2 also enriches your driving experience with different camera angles. You can play your game from inside the vehicle or from a bird's eye perspective. This is a must for racing game.
You can also benefit from upgrade options to increase your vehicle's performance. Take your vehicle to the top with many upgrade options, from engine to brakes. If you are looking for a real car drift experience, Real Drift Multiplayer 2 is waiting for you. Start the game now to join this unique drift experience.

Real Drift Multiplayer 2 System Requirements



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i3-6100U
CPUIntel i5
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
GPUGeForce GTX 970
Storage350 MB
Storage350 MB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Czech, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Swedish, Ukrainian, French, German, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese