RedNeck Bowl Games

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Bowling without the bowling ball both lethal and non-lethal play.

Redneck Bowl Games

Bowling without the bowling ball both lethal and non-lethal play. Language supports English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

With Arena play you have a bowling score and a game score. Earn bonus shots to use at other targets. Hillbilly level is expert and Redneck is an easier level given the number of increased chances. There are different targets to hit and you must be careful of the domestic animals as it will count against you if they are hit. Deer season or rabbit season is earned by hitting tires or silhouettes in the center. Squirrel bag limit increases with the number of strikes or spares. Goose on the loose if you get 3 strikes in a row. Choose between different ammunition and arrows plus different handguns, rifles, a shotgun, a bow, and crossbows. Levels 9 and 10 are non-lethal and uses a basketball or baseball shooter.

Artillery Bowling has 21 formations of enemies marching or crew on pirate ships to hit with different weapons. Switch between your drone, catapult, 50 caliber machine guns, cannons, and ballistae. Use ‘reload’ to switch from flaming arrows to explosive arrows on the ballista. Use ‘reload’ to switch from cannon balls to canister shot with the cannon. Drones can resupply grenades at supply pad. Bowling score is done when all 21 Fantasy formations or pirate crew register a score by the number of hits or destroyed dummies. Bonus for each original redneck dummies saved. A new redneck dummy will spawn causing penalties if original 4 to 5 sea or land dummies are hit. Your drone, catapult, 50 caliber machine guns, cannons, and ballistae can be damaged with a time limit penalty depending on level difficulty. Less than -10000 score ends game. Your percent hit improves your score. You have unlimited ammo.

Arena Bowl - Hit pins in an unusual Bowling Arena.
Level 1 - Ranch Bowling
Level 2 - Tornado Bowling
Level 3 - Monster Bowling
Level 4 - Bowling Troll Winter
Level 5 - Bowling Halloween Dusk
Level 6 - Bowling Halloween Night
Level 7 - Bowling T-Rex
Level 8 - Bowling Dinosaurs
Level 9 - Basket Bowling (non-lethal play)
Level 10 - Swamp Bowling (non-lethal play)

Artillery Bowl - Hit formation of attackers.
Level 11 - Medieval Fantasy Bowling
Level 12 - Zombie Bowling
Level 13 - Fort Red Pirate Bowling
Level 14 - Dead Red Island
Level 15 - Castle Red
Level 16 - Red's Last Stand

RedNeck Bowl Games System Requirements



OS version

Windows 10

OS version

Windows 11


2 Ghz or faster with 2 or more cores


2 Ghz with 4 or more cores


4GB of memory


Max system requirement


Compatible with DirectX 12 Desktop


GTX 1070 or better


DirectX 12


DirectX 12


11 GB


Base system audio

Additional input device


Additional Notes

Game controllers works well with keyboard and mouse plus gamepad

Languages Supported

  • Audio: N/A

  • Text: Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain)

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