What is included in Early Access?

In Early Access, you'll have access to the core features of Replikant. It includes tools to create and render short movies, and to do live streams.
We are continuously working to enhance and expand the offering based on user feedback and our development roadmap.

What is the current state of the application?

Replikant is a work in progress. While the core functionality is implemented, you may encounter occasional bugs or incomplete features.
Some of the tools are also in an early stage of our iterative development process.
We appreciate your understanding and patience as we actively work to improve and refine the user experience.

How long will the application be in Early Access?

The duration of the Early Access phase depends on the feedback and needs of our users. We are committed to delivering a polished and feature-rich product, and the length of the Early Access period will be influenced by the feedback and insights we gather during this time.

How often will you be updating the application?

We aim to release regular updates to address bugs and polish and improve the usability of the software.
We also plan to have eventual content updates, but we are not ready to share more about their schedule.

Will my projects work with newer versions of the software?

Yes, we strive to ensure that our updates are backward compatible.
However, in some cases, major updates may result in changes which makes certain existing content obsolete. We will provide clear communication about any potential impact on your projects well in advance of such updates.

Will the application stay free to play when it leaves Early Access?

We plan to keep on supporting a free version of the software even after early access, but what features and publishing rights it will support is subject to change.
The exact features and prices of the premium packages are going to change as well as the software becomes more stable. However, you will never loose access to features you already paid for.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Absolutely! We encourage users to share their feedback, suggestions, and bug reports through our discord server. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our application. We appreciate your collaboration in making our product the best it can be.

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?

The product uses Replikant Credits, a virtual currency covering the cost of external AI service like text to speech generation or script generation.
Some features, such as commercial license, watermark free rendering, importing custom models and access to specific motion capture devices will require you purchase a subscription.
Check our subscription page
for more information.

Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?

Yes, for non-commercial purposes.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

No, in-app purchases are not refundable at this point.

What payment platform is used to facilitate these purchases?

Our payment system is built on Xsolla Payments Solutions.