What is prologue?

Prologue is short version of the upcoming game Revive & Prosper. The game it self is still in development. We believe it's fun game and therefore we did release short version of the game, to let you taste where we are heading and to build a fan based for the game.

Are there any enemies in the game?

The only current enemy in the game is the environment and the only indication how god or bad you play is the time.

Is there an active pause?

Yes! To make the game experience as relaxing as possible, there is an active to pause for taking time to think about strategy.

When will the Revive & Prosper game be released?

We plan to release and Early Access version of Revive & Prosper this year (2023).

Will the game be PC exclusive?

Yes. We are considering porting it to Steam Deck also.

Is this the first video game you are developing?

The whole team is experienced in game development. Some of the members have already published successful game titles.