Why Early Access?

Before the launch of the first Rogue Legacy we received an immense number of ideas from the community through social media, emails, and various other forums. Your feedback resulted in new traits, balance tweaks and improved stability. We also had diehard fans creating incredible mods and content that kept Rogue Legacy’s flame burning. All of this involvement helped steer RL1 in a better direction, and we feel that officially bringing Rogue Legacy 2 into Early Access is the next natural step.
We already have a roadmap of what would be in the final game, but we’re excited to see what fans will come up with along the way. Here’s what our schedule looks like:
Major updates approx. every 2 months: Major updates include biomes and everything associated with them (new bosses, new enemies, new hazards, etc.). We’ll also add big features (either alongside or in replace of new biomes) such as new player classes, NG+ mods, and new NPCs. Major updates will come with big announcements and a video detailing the changes.
Minor updates in-between major ones: Because there are so many places to add new content in Rogue Legacy 2, our plan is to do so incrementally between major updates. These minor additions will hopefully ease the wait before we can drop big content packs. Minor updates include new traits, new spells, new relics, new rooms, new insights, new equipment, and new runes.
Bug -fix patches at any odd hour: Of course we will be at-the-ready to address any bugs people may encounter. There is no schedule for these patches though, because it purely depends on how many bugs occur between updates and the severity of them. RL2 has a lot of moving parts, and we want to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible for players.
Nothing is set in stone: This schedule is purely preliminary, because we have no idea how things will work out. That means anything can change, from when an update comes out to what appears in each. For example, if a monthly update is too aggressive for us to maintain, we may batch everything into the major updates.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

Our current roadmap pegs the launch of the complete game approximately one year after the Early Access release, sometime in 2021. But don’t bet on this even if you are a gambling man. While we would love to give a guarantee, things change, whether it be an oversight on our best-laid plans, or simply big and unexpected new features that we absolutely must have in the game.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The full version of Rogue Legacy 2 will be feature and content complete, with a concluding narrative, the full measure of gameplay elements, and additional components like localization and achievements. Currently there are no plans to provide incentives for early-adopters, outside of the ability to play the game early, help shape its final form, and to receive the game at a lower initial price.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Rogue Legacy 2 has already been in development for more than two years, because we wanted to make sure we gave players the most complete experience we could with an incomplete game. Many of the systems are in place, all that’s needed is more time to create more content. Provided below is a list of features and content that the game currently has. That said, as we continue to develop in Early Access, this answer is subject to change. So we’ll be sure to keep this list up-to-date.
• Complete game loop (Title screen to lineage selection to skill tree to town hub to castle).
• 1.5 biomes (with 3-5 more to be added).
• 700+ random rooms (with more on the way).
• 4 complete character classes with individual talents and unique weapons (at least 8 more classes planned).
• 42 traits (with more on the way).
• 17 upgradable skills (with more on the way).
• 5 equipment sets for a total of 25 pieces of equipment (10 more sets for 50 pieces planned).
• 9 runes (with more on the way).
• 12 enemies + 1 boss (many more bosses and enemies to come).
• 8 unique relics + 2 heirlooms (with many more on the way).
• Additional features such as Universal Healthcare, Insights, memory fragments, and more!

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Yes, the price will be raised two times during development. If all the content we had planned makes it into the final version, Rogue Legacy 2 will be more than twice as large as the original. We understand the disparity of playing an incomplete game though, so our intention is to set the price in three tiers as more and more content gets added. The game will be available for the Early Access launch at a special EA release price.
Approximately half-way through development, we will raise the price, and then raise it once more to a final price once v1.0 is released. Any changes to the price will be clearly communicated before they are made.

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

We’re expecting the Community will be instrumental in all aspects of development, from the gameplay to the story to the technical stability. On the gameplay level, we mentioned earlier that we feel Rogue Legacy’s intrinsic expandability lends itself very well to community feedback.
Have a great idea for a quirky new trait? Tell us more! Inspired by a new character class? You better start yapping! Got a pyramid scheme, but you’re certain this time it will work? We dig it! That said, Early Access can be a hectic process, so we’ve created a roadmap to ensure things don’t get too crazy and we can still release within our expected launch window. We’re also taking the story very seriously, and are keen to know what people think of it and how we can improve the narrative. And of course, the bugs reported by players will be a constant boon that ensures Rogue Legacy 2 runs as stable as possible. We’re extremely excited to see what our fans come up with to expand our tiny corner of the roguelite universe.
Players can offer feedback directly through the in-game user feedback system, our discord channel (discord.gg/cellardoorgames), and other forms like Twitter and email.