Rollers of The Realm: Reunion

Flip, dash, bounce and battle through an epic campaign starring five pinball heroes with unique stats, physics and upgrades. Arcade action meets RPG progression and skill mastery as you confront the power of The Ancient and rekindle forgotten alliances.

A Fresh Spin On Pinball

Join the Rogue, Knight, Mage and Healer on an epic campaign to travel between worlds and reunite lost civilizations to battle an unearthed ancient menace.
Battle enemies across The Realm and beyond. Make friends and allies. Platform and parkour through medieval cities and underground labyrinths. Solve puzzles and navigate mazes.
Rollers of the Realm: Reunion offers an award-winning gameplay mashup for players of all skill levels.


  • Arcade pinball meets party-based RPG action!
  • 5 pinball heroes with unique physics, stats, and upgrades.
  • Select and customize your party for each playfield, hot swap heroes during play.
  • Fight enemies, navigate mazes, solve puzzles and hide in shadows.
  • Power up and unleash offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Adjust game difficulty and speed to suit your play style.
  • Robust collection, quest and progression system.
  • Campaign Mode: 24 playfields and 30+ missions.
  • Ranked Mode: compete for high scores on multiple playfields.
  • Split-Flipper: 2-players, each controls a flipper.

Rollers of The Realm: Reunion System Requirements



OSWindows 10
OSWindows 10
Processor2.5 GHz Dual Core
Processor3.0+ GHz Quad Core
Languages Supported
  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English, French, German, Spanish - Spain
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