School Bus Driving Simulator

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Experience a realistic school bus with the exciting School Bus Driving Simulator! Get students safely to school, earn rewards, and customize your bus.

School Bus Driving Simulator

Driving the school bus has never been this exciting! With School Bus Driving Simulator, taking students to school safely in a realistic city environment awaits you. In this fun car simulator game, you will get lost in the realism of the graphics and have a pleasant time while customizing your school bus.
School Bus Driving Simulator aims to pick up students from five mission stops in the city and get them to school on time. When you accept the task, time begins, and you will struggle to reach the school most safely before the time runs out. If you successfully get all students to school, you will receive rewards. With these rewards, you can customize your school bus however you want. Many customization options await you, from wheel camber settings to car spoilers, decal options, to suspension changes.
In the game, you can get students to school on time and collect money packages hidden in the city and earn rewards. These money packs are hidden in different parts of the town, and you must be careful to find them. You can customize your school bus even more as you earn rewards.
Exciting features await you in School Bus Driving Simulator. Details such as realistic traffic systems, gas stations, and repair stations further enrich the game experience. When you run out of gas, you can stop at the station to fill your bus or have it repaired at the repair station if you hit your car. Also, thanks to the minimap, you can easily reach where you want, so you can determine the most suitable route to get your students to school on time.
Enjoy school bus driving with School Bus Driving Simulator. This fun simulation game will captivate anyone who is into driving and bus games. With realistic graphics, a detailed game world, and customization options, School Bus Driving Simulator invites you to a fun-filled journey.
Remember, you will experience the passion of school bus driving, simulation games, and car games to the fullest while getting lost in this gripping game and enjoying the fun. Master the task of getting the city students to school and have an unforgettable experience in School Bus Driving Simulator!

School Bus Driving Simulator System Requirements



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i3-6100U
CPUIntel i5
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
GPUGeForce GTX 970
Languages Supported
  • Audio: N/A
  • Text: English, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Czech, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Swedish, Ukrainian, French, German, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese