Sky Fleet
Sky Fleet

Take to the skies as part of the Sky Fleet, defend sacred floating islands, build strong bases and towers to protect their resources, as well as shoot down waves of rogue drones trying to strip-mine them!

About the Game

Welcome to Sky Fleet! You and your fellow recruits have been selected to take to the air in our latest and greatest military invention: the combat blimp. Our sacred floating islands are under siege from a vast fleet of rogue drones. Your mission is simple, recruit:
Take your blimp, go up there, and start blastin’ before it really balloons into an all-out war!

Defend the Islands!

You won't fight alone. Our engineers will follow your blimp force into the clouds, to establish a bridgehead against the drone menace and protect the ecosystem of our floating legacy.
  • Lead our forces into the skies and secure the floating islands before drones arrive!
  • Build extractors to collect resources, power generators to keep everything running, and farms to keep the pilotsunder your command fed!
  • Prepare for the inevitable assault! From the drones! The sky drones! DRONES!

Repel the Drones!

The enemy will not stand, er, float idly by. These islands carry a wealth of resources that will supercharge the enemy drone production. We can’t let that happen!
  • Defend your mining operations with turrets, lots and lots of turrets.
  • Gather uridium from the wreckage to bolster the bridgehead and expand it.
  • Defend the islands and ensure precious duraphyte does not wind up in enemy hands. Tentacles. Appendages? They have tentacles btw.

Destroy the Enemy!

Once your team's blimps are bristling with lethal weapons,take the fight to the enemy. Destroy them all and let the scrappers sort them out!
  • Upgrade your blimp and put the fear of blue-screens in those dastardly drones.
  • Push back the enemy with your team back to their base where they belong.
  • Ensure a swift and definitive victory by taking down their base to eliminate the drone threat once and for all!

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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPU2.4 GHz CPU Dual Core
CPU2.4 GHz CPU Dual Core
Memory8 GB
Memory8 GB
GPUGeforce 1060 or equivalent
GPUGeforce 1660 or equivalent
Storage400 MB
Storage400 MB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, English, French, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese, Russian
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