Spellbound Survivors

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Spellbound Survivors, a single-player action-roguelike game! Embark on an epic adventure, conquer maps, acquire mighty powers, and gear up for an ultimate showdown with the Overlord Wizard. Your destiny unfolds in this captivating journey!
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Immerse yourself in a pixelated realm where each map unfolds as pages of an epic tale, facing off against the formidable Overlord Wizard.

With every map you conquer, unlock a treasure trove of new abilities and powers, enabling you to unleash devastating attacks. As you continue to grow in strength and skill, transform into an indomitable force of nature, capable of bending the very elements to your will.
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Gameplay Tips:

  1. Collect experience and items; they serve as your strategic cards.
  2. Strengthen and level up your weapons for increased effectiveness.
  3. Customize weapons through diverse upgrade paths for tactical advantage.
  4. Upgrade and refund power-ups to optimize your combat strategy.
  5. Experience thrilling animated super attacks that deliver goosebumps in the heat of battle.
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Spellbound Survivors promises more than just thrilling battles; it represents a system called the Legend Bar meter, a decisive factor in overcoming the Overlord Wizard. Choose your moves wisely, fill the meter strategically, and ascend as the ultimate survivor in the magical realms.
Are you ready to turn the pages of destiny?
The time has come to answer its call and embrace the spellbinding battle that awaits!

Available Achievements

15 XP
Ancient Sand
15 XP
15 XP
15 XP
15 XP

Spellbound Survivors System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPU64-bit processor
CPU64-bit processor
Memory512 MB RAM
Memory1 GB RAM
GPU256 mb video memory
GPU1 GB video memory
Storage400 MB
Storage400 MB
Login Accounts Required
Epic ID
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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