Lead Josie into her retired superhero dad's training simulator! But beware, the training room might go rogue, and keep you inside... Sunblaze is a brain-twisting precision platformer with hundreds of challenging, handcrafted levels to keep you dying for hours.

”Whose blood is that on the walls?” -Josie

Josie is up for a challenge. Her dad, a retired superhero, has fixed his superhero training simulator and lets Josie go in there to play around a bit. After all, show us a parent who wouldn't want to train their daughter to be a superhero? But then suddenly the training room goes rogue, and... Josie is up for a challenge.

About the game

In this tough, hand-crafted precision platformer, you’ll play as Josie, aka. Sunblaze, with a mission to complete your superhero training. The training room is full of puzzles, brain-tickling challenges, obstacles, TNT, spikes, drones... And a purrfect sidekick: the cat. You have got a cat. What else do you need?
Well, skills. That’s what you need. The ever-changing training room keeps on bringing you challenge after challenge, and you'll stay glued up on your controller for hours.

Being a parent is hard, but most likely not this hard

Ok, all the parents who have not lost their kids in a mall or other crowd ever, raise your hands? It's all good, at least you didn't lose them in a hostile superhero simulator full of lasers, evil bots, spikes, and... Well, go and see for yourself!

WARNING: Playing Sunblaze may cause massive brain growth

You know, to survive all the levels, your brain needs to do some work. We know, it might sound scary, but like Aristotle said: "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.", and Quentin Tarantino put it even better: "Violence is one of the most fun things to watch."
Oh, are you still reading? Go and get playing right now! We will promise you one thing: dying over 5000 times on one game has never felt this good.
(P.S. Dying is 100% optional, the already easy controls and gameplay can be customized with accessibility features to meet your own needs and wants.)

Sunblaze Ratings & Reviews

  • 83%
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Noisy Pixel
by Azario Lopez
8 / 10
Sunblaze will push your platforming skills to the limit. Still, as the challenge rises, so does the knowledge that everything in this game can be overcome with a few well-timed jumps and dashes. The charming design is contrasted by the bloody obstacles that await each level, creating a fun challenge that won’t leave you with too many broken controllers.
Video Chums
by A.J. Maciejewski
If you want a challenging platformer that often feels like a puzzle game then Sunblaze will be a welcome addition to your digital library.
by Alana Dunitz
9 / 10
Sunblaze is a deceivingly cute game that will definitely kick your butt. Luckily with great accessibility options this game is playable for a wider audience and not just a super frustrating experience. Unless you enjoy that.
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Sunblaze System Requirements



OSWindows 7 or newer
OSWindows 10
ProcessorInter Core i3 M380
Memory2GB RAM
Storage500 MB
Storage500 MB
Direct XVersion 10
GraphicsIntel HD 4000
Languages Supported
  • AUDIO: English | TEXT: English, Dutch, Finnish, German, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Spanish - Spain, Spanish - Latin America
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