Tacoma FAQ & Tech Support
Tacoma FAQ & Tech Support

If you've got questions or technical issues with Tacoma, you've come to the right place!

What is Tacoma?

Tacoma is a first-person narrative game created by Fullbright, the folks who brought you Gone Home. You'll explore an abandoned space station, interacting with ghostly holographic recordings to uncover a sci-fi mystery. Tacoma is a game about discovering all the details of this strange place where a small tight-knit group of people lived and worked by interacting with the augmented reality recordings they left behind.

Is Tacoma a long game? Is it a horror game? Are there puzzles?

Tacoma isn't a horror game, or a puzzle game. The puzzle is the story itself, and how you uncover it. Tacoma is a focused narrative experience where the more you explore, the more you get out of it. There aren't jump scares. The game takes most players in the 3-5 hour range to complete. Once you finish your first playthrough, we invite you to come back and re-play the game with Commentary Mode enabled. Commentary Mode fills the station with over two hours of audio commentary from the development team, along with behind-the-scenes concept art and production photos to discover.

Help, I need Technical Support!

Sorry to hear it, but let's go!

The game is running way slower than I'd expect. What's up?

There are a few likely issues here. One is simply to ensure that your graphics settings are appropriate for your computer. On some Macintosh computers, the native resolution of the screen is extremely high, which can cause Tacoma to run slow. Try setting the application to "low-resolution mode" in your Mac OS, or go into Tacoma's graphics options and set the display resolution to something closer to 1920x1080 (standard 1080p resolution). You can also try setting the graphics to a lower preset than default to see if it helps.

It's still running slow!

There's a possibility Tacoma is using the wrong display device. If you have an integrated graphics chip as well as a dedicated graphics card, you may need to ensure the game is selecting the dedicated graphics correctly. You can do this in your graphics card's software (such as Nvidia Control Panel, or in your Mac OS settings) or by creating a desktop shortcut to Tacoma and setting its properties to use your intended graphics device.
If the game still runs slow, double-check the minimum hardware requirements on our store page and ensure your computer hardware meets those requirements.

My controls aren't working-- my camera is pointing at the ceiling, or spinning constantly. Help!

Tacoma officially supports mouse/trackpad & keyboard input, Xbox controllers, and PS4 Dualshock. The most common cause of control issues is having other unsupported input devices connected to the computer that send input info the game can't process. If you're having this issue, please try disconnecting/disabling any flight sticks, pedals, drawing tablets, or any virtual controllers that simulate input from software devices, or interpret input from controllers not normally supported by PC such as Gamecube or PS1 virtual controllers.

Help, I got stuck somewhere!

Yipes! Sorry about that. It's rare, but if you get stuck in world, force-quit the game (alt-F4 on Windows or Command-Q on Mac) and load back in. Force-quitting will cause there not to be an autosave created when you quit. When you load back in, you'll be at your most recent autosave point before force-quitting. If you're having physics issues (objects clipping into the floor, or getting stuck) ensure your graphics settings are set so that you're not playing the game at a very low framerate, which increases the likelihood of a physics glitch.

I'm having another kind of technical issue that's not answered here. Can you help me?

Sure! If there's something going on that you can't find an answer to here or through a web search, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] We endeavor to respond within one or two business days. Thanks for your patience! We'll do everything we can to help.