Tetris® Effect: Connected FAQ

Tetris Effect: Connected is VR Optional: Playable on your PC desktop, or in full VR with your Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE headset and accompanying controllers (standard gamepads, Vive Controllers, and Oculus Remote and Touch controllers are all supported).
Although we support all types of motion controllers, Tetris® Effect: Connected is always best played with standard controller over motion controllers.
ANOTHER NOTE: Headphones are highly recommended.
How do I play in VR on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?
  • When playing the game with Oculus, click on the gear icon on the right of “Launch” and please select Launch in Oculus VR.
  • When playing the game with Vive, click on the gear icon on the right of “Launch” and please select Launch in SteamVR.
This is the main campaign and the heart of Tetris Effect: Connected. After choosing from one of three difficulties (Beginner, Normal, Expert), players journey through a series of stages, each with their own theme, graphics, music, sound effects, etc. all of which sync to the gameplay.
These are all the other modes in the game – a collection of varying setups and rules designed to evoke different moods the player might be in (or want to be in), as well as varying skill levels.
Effect Modes are divided into four categories based loosely on what “effect” we want the player to come away with, i.e. chill out with “Relax,” concentrate with “Focus,” enjoy the familiarity / nostalgia of “Classic” modes, or try something unique with “Adventurous.”
How many players can play in each Multiplayer mode?
  • ZONE BATTLE: 1P vs. 1P (or 1P vs. CPU on local multiplayer)
  • SCORE ATTACK: 1P vs. 1P (or 1P vs. CPU on local multiplayer)
  • CLASSIC SCORE ATTACK: 1P vs. 1P (or 1 vs. CPU on local multiplayer)
  • CONNECTED: 1-3P vs. CPU (or 1-3P vs. 1P in Connected Vs. Mode, Friend and Local Matches available 24/7, Ranked Matches available during Weekend Rituals). A CPU can be substituted for live players in Local Matches (offline) and Friend Matches (online). Ranked Matches (online) require all players to be human.
A special "Weekend Ritual" event will run for 24 hours each weekend, during which all players of the Weekend Ritual can play a specified mode to earn points towards a Community Goal. If 100% of that Community Goal is reached in the 24 hour period, a special in-game avatar will unlock for all players who participated in the event.
While the Full Moon is live, Connected Vs. will appear in the ranked matches menu.
Note: If you decide to play as boss, you can select any boss you have defeated in the standard Connected co-op mode by pressing left or right when you are locked into the boss slot.
Winning ranked matches during the Full Moon, which also include Zone Battle, Score Attack, and Classic Score attack, will allow you to earn special guardian avatars to show off in versus play
Good Luck and have fun during the Weekend Ritual and Full Moon events!
1) Streaming/Recording Rules
Streaming and recording of the game is allowed. Music rights are owned by Enhance and we will not issue any copyright strikes. Please enjoy and let us know if you stream!
2) I can’t connect to any of the Multiplayer modes!
Please check that you’re playing the latest version of the game (check the bottom left of your title screen). Multiplayer modes won’t work if you’re not on the latest version of the game.
3) On which platforms can you play Tetris Effect: Connected?
  • PlayStation 4 (PS VR compatible)
  • PlayStation 5 (PS VR2 compatible)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One, Series X|S, Windows 10
  • Steam (PC VR compatible), Steam Deck verified
  • Epic Games Store
  • Amazon Luna
4) Does Tetris Effect: Connected support cross-play online multiplayer? Will my progress carry over between the different versions?
Yes, Tetris Effect: Connected supports cross-play online multiplayer between all versions. However, progress does not carry over between versions outside the Xbox/Microsoft family. For example, if you are on PC and want to switch from using the Epic Games Store or Windows 10 version to the Steam version, you cannot transfer your progress.
5) Where can I buy the soundtrack for Tetris Effect: Connected?
You can purchase or stream the soundtrack here: https://ffm.to/hydelic
. Additional details on the soundtrack can be found here