What is the goal when playing The Machines Arena?

There are three game modes at the moment, Detonation, Skirmish (Team Deathmatch), and Pushback.
Detonation: The players are divided into team Defender and Team Assault.
Team Assault's main goal is to grab the bomb and plant it in two bomb sites on each side of the map. Once planted they have to defend it until it blows up.
Team Defender's main goal is to prevent that Team Assault manages to blow up the bomb sites.
Click here for a short video explanation of Detonation.
Skirmish (Team Deathmatch): The players are divided into two teams and the first team to get a total of 35 kills wins the match. There is also a time limit of 5 minutes, the team with more kills when 5 minutes are up win the match.
Pushback: Two teams fight to push the cart into the other team's base, the cart rails are split into three areas, one for each team and a neutral zone, teams win by pushing the cart out of the neutral zone and into the enemy team zone by the end of the match timer or by pushing the cart the entire way to the other end of the rail, ending the match early, if the cart is still within the neutral zone before the time runs out the neutral zone will start to shrink until the cart ends on either side.
Click here for a short video explanation of Pushback.

Can you damage allies?

No, friendly fire is off and your abilities/shots go through your allies

How much will the game cost when it is released?

We have not decided on a price, but when the game is released in Early Access we are aiming for a low price. Similar to other games in Early Access.

Can I play the game whenever I want?

Yes, once the closed beta officially starts you can play the game whenever you want. However, as we are still looking to achieve critical mass we do recommend that people join our Discord for the best possible gaming experience.
The Machines Arena Discord