The Night Wanderer

In this story-driven soulslike game you are taking control of Vuko, an elite soldier, the best of the best. Find out what happened to a lost science expedition headed for a mysterious, fantastical planet of medieval-like Midgaard

They said he was the son of a vagrant god yet he's but a soldier who fell from the stars.

Embrace the power of ‘The Night Wanderer’, a groundbreaking RPG and soulslike fusion! Dive into Metroidvania-inspired level design and master the tactical, yet lightning-paced combat system. The game comes with a twist; experience the classic RPG-style quest design, all while navigating the omnipresent Cyphral and the intertwined Corruption. Brace yourself for a gaming spectacle that defies convention and delivers unparalleled excitement!
Delve into an otherworldly realm!
Dive into the otherworldly realm of Midgaard! Play as Vuko Drakkainen, an elite soldier, revered by some as a God among men, who is cast from the stars to an unknown destiny. In this gripping action-adventure RPG, you embody the best of the best, entrusted with a mission to unravel the enigma surrounding a lost expedition of brilliant scientists en route to the mysterious, alien planet of Midgaard.
Omnipresent AI companion
But you're not alone on this journey. Meet Cyphral, an enigmatic AI companion that takes the form of Vuko's lost love. Cyphral provides guidance, strategic support, and emotional solace as you navigate the unknown. However, be wary – Cyphral harbors secrets that could alter the course of your quest. Embark on a journey where ancient secrets and advanced technology collide. Unleash your combat prowess and tactical skills to navigate through treacherous landscapes, battling extraterrestrial cultures and uncovering the truth behind the scientists' disappearance.
Absolute power corrupts...
As you venture deeper, the insidious force of Corruption weaves its web around you. This malevolent influence, tied to the nature of men who easily succumb to their darkest impulses, constantly tempts you with the allure of unimaginable power. Vuko's wit and sarcasm may be your best defense against this internal threat, forcing you to make difficult choices that ripple through the story's fabric. Succumb to Corruption's whispers and your path may lead to darkness. Resist, and the light of hope may prevail.
Face formidable foes and make crucial decisions that shape the unfolding narrative. Choose your path wisely, as the fate of Midgaard hangs by a thread.
Immerse yourself in a rich storyline, stunning visuals, and dynamic, meaningful, and challenging gameplay that seamlessly blends science fiction with dark fantasy.
Are you ready, warrior, to uncover the truth that lies beyond the stars? The journey begins now.
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  • Text: English, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, German, French
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