The Solitaire Conspiracy

We need your help, Spymaster. Join a world of near-future spies and take on a supervillain in this supercharged take on classic Solitaire. Precision engineered for replayable espionage action.

The Solitaire Conspiracy

High Stakes, Highly Powered

Protego, the world’s leading spy agency, has been destroyed. Only one person can wield C.A.R.D.S to take control of Protego’s scattered spy crews and save the world.
Guided by Protego’s only remaining analyst, Jim Ratio (Greg Miller), you must master the unique powers of each crew in a game of tactical Solitaire like none you’ve ever played before. Guide your crews home in a tale of intrigue where nobody can be trusted. Keep your cool in a world of AI spies and cyber-enhanced operators.

Key Features:

  • Campaign tells a tightly packed story and introduces the game’s mechanics. Countdown tests your endurance with wave after wave of unique decks, and Skirmish gives you an infinite playground to enjoy unlocked crews.
  • Beautiful original character artwork and atmospheric design put you at the heart of your own cyberpunk conspiracy.
  • Full FMV cutscenes, featuring Greg Miller and Inel Tomlinson in an original story from the team behind Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular and John Wick Hex.
  • The soundtrack for your adventures is provided by Jon Everist (Battletech, Shadowrun: Hong Kong).


Is this a solitaire game?

Yes-ish. The Solitaire Conspiracy is inspired by a variant of solitaire called Streets and Alleys, but with some small adjustments and the big addition of suit based powers. Campaign and skirmish (choose your own suits and powers) are take-at-your-own-pace experiences that fit into your schedule. Countdown mode is a place to test your skills with nuanced powers against a ticking clock.

Are there microtransactions?

Nope. We know we made a card game, and we know that there’s a risk you might think this game will charge you for unlocks, speed bonuses or aesthetics. We won’t. We may come up with a cool DLC at some point, and if so, will probably charge in the traditional way, but we won’t be charging you for double XP or a particularly shiny new colour theme.

The Solitaire Conspiracy Ratings & Reviews

  • 73%
    Critics Recommend
  • 74
    Top Critic Average
  • Fair
    OpenCritic Rating
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God is a Geek
by Chris White
8 / 10
Whilst it is only solitaire, Bithell Games has managed to put a fresh take on an old classic. The Solitaire Conspiracy is addictive, and it oozes style in every game.
Critical Hit
by Darryn Bonthuys
8 / 10
The Solitaire Conspiracy is one of this year's most surprisingly addictive games, a tense showdown amongst spies using nothing other than your own wits and a few card tricks up your sleeve to deliver a quick punch of strategy.
by Andrew King
7 / 10
The Solitaire Conspiracy deals out excellent solitaire with a weak layer of FMV window dressing.
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The Solitaire Conspiracy System Requirements



OSWindows 10
OSWindows 10
Processor1.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Processor2.4 GHz Intel Core i9
Memory4GB RAM
Memory8GB RAM
Languages Supported
  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English, Chinese - Simplified, German, French, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Spain, Russian, Japanese
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