Time Loader

Time Loader is a story-driven puzzle-platformer with tiny robots, alternate realities, nostalgic musiс! At the helm of a small robot, you’ll travel back to the 90s to prevent a tragic accident.
At the helm of a small robot, you’ll travel back to the 90s to prevent a tragic accident. Explore the house of your creator, solve brain-teasing puzzles, acquire unique and powerful upgrades, and see common household items from an entirely new perspective!
But remember: meddling with time has serious consequences. You may succeed in changing the past, but can you deal with the result of your actions?

Gameplay Features

Subverted perspectives
Even the most familiar objects look different when you’re the size of a toy car. Will you watch your every move or dive head-first into this dangerous new world?

An arsenal to choose from

Boosters, harpoons, screwdrivers… choose among dozens of upgrades to tackle each level and get the job done!

Dynamic and branching narratives

Don’t just relive the past: change it! Every choice you make will influence the story and may lead to a different outcome. So do us a favor: change the past responsibly!

A complimentary dose of nostalgia

Time Loader features music, references, and items straight out of the ‘90s. Relive your childhood or, if you’re too young for it, just gawk in awe at how primitive humanity used to be back then!

Available Achievements

It’s in the Vault
15 XP
15 XP
Dr. Antivirus
15 XP
VHS blogger
15 XP
15 XP

Time Loader System Requirements



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10
CPUi3 Sandy Bridge Dual Core or Equivalent
CPUIntel(R) Сore (TM) i5-4440
Memory4 GB
Memory16 GB
GPUGeForce GTX1050 Ti
Storage2 GB
Storage2 GB
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Japanese
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