Total War: WARHAMMER III - Tamurkhan – Thrones of Decay

The 'Tamurkhan – Thrones of Decay' pack introduces Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord, a new Legendary Lord for Nurgle, usable in both the Realm of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Tamurkhan – Thrones of Decay

Embrace decay and tyranny with new Lords, Heroes, Units, and Mechanics to enhance your campaign roster on and off the battlefield. Tamurkhan brings unique campaign mechanics to Nurgle, with a brand-new objective in the Realm of Chaos independent from the Ursun storyline, plus new Units and Heroes to help them achieve total victory.
  • Gather Chieftains from powerful factions across the known world and become the ultimate Warlord of Nurgle as Tamurkhan.
  • One of the first to flock to Tamurkhan’s banner, the new Legendary Hero Kayzk the Befouled joins the Maggot Lord’s side.
  • The Chaos Lord of Nurgle and Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle reinforce the Grandfather’s throng as new Lord and Hero choices respectively.
  • 5 new units and 3 regiments of renown join the forces of Nurgle, including the mutated Plague Ogres and monstrous Toad Dragons.


Tamurkhan, the Maggot Lord and Champion of Nurgle, is one of the greatest Chaos warlords to ever afflict the known world. A mighty leader to some, and a bloated corpse-worm to others, those that stand against Tamurkhan quickly fall under the banner of this bringer of desolation.
As a hard-hitting tank with the strength of an Ogre and the vigour of Nurgle’s greatest combatants, Tamurkhan rides into battle atop his unique Toad Dragon, Bubebolos, to unleash rot on any that dare oppose the Warlord.
Tamurkhan’s crusade across the land is not merely one of destruction or decay, for he amasses a horde of heroic characters as he goes, absorbing the many strengths of those that could not defeat him. These heroic characters, Chieftains, are added to his ever-growing empire once Tamurkhan has displayed his true dominating power, granting the Maggot Lord a suite of champions and warriors for use in his grand crusade.
With enough devoted Chieftains under his wing, Tamurkhan can pursue ultimate victory.

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by Ewan Wilson
This new fortification system is also present in siege battles and small settlement engagements, and it's probably the biggest change to the overall Total War formula. Capturing points on the map builds up your resources, which you can then spend on fortifying defensible areas. It's a compelling tactical addition, bringing Total War closer to other real-time strategy games where it's not just about wiping out an army, but capturing points, defending them, and using resources wisely. It does, however, also take away from what Total War battles always seemed to be about: careful, tactical positioning within a semi-realistic environment.
by Leana Hafer
9 / 10
A fitting capstone to the trilogy, the story-heavy campaign and an armload of exciting new factions lead Total War: Warhammer 3 to victory.
PC Gamer
by Fraser Brown
90 / 100
A brilliant final act with the series' most inventive and unusual factions yet.
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