Twinsen's Little Big Adventure

Step into Twinsen's shoes, a hero on a quest to thwart evil in a fantastical world. With new quests, enhanced graphics, and revamped narration, experience the cult-classic like never before. Your adventure awaits!

A cult-classic adventure reimagined

Embark on a Timeless Adventure, Reimagined

Step into the whimsical world of Twinsun, a planet balancing between magic and technology, now brought to life like never before. "Twinsen's Little Big Adventure" is not just a game; it's a journey through a reimagined classic that captivated hearts in the '90s. With revamped visuals, enhanced music, and deeper gameplay, this remake reignites the magic of the original game using next-generation technology.
A Tale of Destiny and Heroism

You are Twinsen, a young hero chosen by destiny to thwart the nefarious plans of Dr. Funfrock and his army of clones. Guided by prophetic dreams and armed with your trusty Magic Ball, you'll navigate through diverse landscapes, solve intricate puzzles, and face formidable foes. Your quest will take you from the serene Citadel Island to the perilous Fortress Island, each step bringing you closer to understanding your planet's deepest secrets.
Next-Gen Visuals and Sound

Experience Twinsun as never before, thanks to breathtaking visuals directed by Paulo Torinno and Didier Chanfray, the original creator of Twinsen. Fluid animations, a new follow-camera system, and high-resolution visuals up to 4K bring the world to life. Complementing the visuals is an HD remastered soundtrack by Philippe Vachey, ensuring that the islands of Twinsun sound as good as they look.
Revamped Gameplay Mechanics

The game introduces analog controls for more nuanced command over Twinsen, along with new abilities like evade and instant weapon switching.
  • Immersive Storyline: Dive deep into a compelling narrative filled with intriguing characters and plot twists.
  • Dynamic Combat: Utilize a variety of weapons and magical abilities to defeat enemies and bosses.
  • Puzzle-Solving: Engage your mind with puzzles that require logic, timing, and skill.
  • Open World Exploration: Discover hidden secrets and quests as you explore the expansive world of Twinsun.
Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the series, "Twinsen's Little Big Adventure" offers an adventure like no other. Are you ready to become the hero Twinsun needs?

Twinsen's Little Big Adventure System Requirements



OS versionWindows 7 64 bits
OS versionWindows 10 64 bits
CPUProcesseur Intel Quad Core 1.7 GHz
CPUProcesseur Intel Quad Core 2.3 GHz
Memory8GB RAM
Memory16GB RAM
GPUnVidia GTX 670 or equivalent
GPUnVidia GTX 970 or equivalent
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English, French, German
  • Text: English, French, German
Twinsen's Little Big Adventure is a trademark of [2.21] S.A.S in the US and/or other countries.