Tyrant's Blessing

Tyberia has been turned into a paradise by the Tyrant, free from war, suffering, and death - because nearly everyone has been turned into the undead. Take charge of the last living warriors in tactical, turn-based battles and drive the Dead Army into the sea!

About the Tyrant

The Tyrant landed in Tyberia bearing the promise of a paradise, without war, without suffering & without death. All Tyberians had to do in order to enter his paradise was to die at the hands of his Dead Army. The war was over before it even began, with thousands perishing in the Tyrant's wake, only to be brought into his service as undying thralls, bound by his magic. The few living warriors are scattered across the remnants of your homeland, looking for a way to turn the tables on the Tyrant: Trigger a great Uprising, defeat the Dead Army, and drive the monstrous overlord back into the sea.

About the Game

Tyrant's Blessing is a tactical turn-based game where your ability to plan, adapt, and strategize is more important than min-maxing your units or finding the sharpest sword in the hoard. Pick your battles every day, make difficult choices, and cleverly use the strengths of your rag-tag bunch of insurgents to defeat the undead hordes and maybe - just maybe - bring life back to Tyberia.

Every Day is a Battle for Survival

Before you battle the Tyrant, you'll have to live long enough to reclaim the Island.
  • Decide whether to fight, rescue the living from the Undying, or gather your strength. Every choice matters.
  • As you fight your way across the face of Tyberia, you’ll be faced with random encounters that force you to make difficult decisions. Do you intervene and fight highwaymen, putting your warriors at risk? Do you try to save a child, risking valuable time and resources?
  • Pick your roster carefully. Screeg, the elder wizard advising the uprising can only teleport three heroes and a pet.

Every Battle is a Risk

You can't defeat the Tyrant without destroying an army of the Undying. But winning is more than simply whacking the enemy as hard as you can.
  • Analyze the battle & plan. Place your warriors to gain strategic advantage, ever mindful of the surroundings: kick up dust to blind enemies, or hop over stones and dodge into bushes to avoid them.
  • Mind the enemy. Every attack is telegraphed. Simply moving away leaves a shadow/remnant that can still be attacked if you don’t figure out a way to avoid it.
  • Use the environment & your heroes' skills. Brute force works, but fight smart, not hard

Every Hero is Precious

The Uprising is not one faceless horde against another. Each hero has their own personality, properties & abilities. Choose wisely.
  • Collect 20 distinct heroes, each with unique abilities that can dramatically alter the battle. But be careful: Not all heroes appear in a playthru - not everyone will make it.
  • Pick the right team for the task. An assassin will thrive in confined spaces, while an archer will suffer. Bring their pets along, who might provide just enough leverage to win a battle for you.
  • If your heroes fall, you can still free them. Track them down, defeat them, & restore them

Tyrant's Blessing Ratings & Reviews

  • 71%
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by Cosmin Vasile
8 / 10
The rogue elements aren’t as interesting as the tactical battles, but they serve the game well. Unfortunately, neither the universe nor the presentation is good enough to keep players engaged if they fail to connect with the mechanics in a deep way. Tyrant's Blessing is initially charming and delivers good tactics puzzles but might lack staying power.
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Tyrant's Blessing System Requirements



OS versionWindows Vista/7/8/10
OS versionWindows Vista/7/8/10
CPU2 GHz or better
CPU2 GHz or better
Memory1 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM
GPUGPU Intel UHD Graphics 630
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: French, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Spain), Italian, German
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