Who is making this game?

We are a small indie game studio, Nordic Trolls, consisting of five people.

What is Under a Rock?

Under a Rock is a procedural open-world survival game. Explore your own mysterious and colourful island populated by exotic creatures, oversized wildlife and curious natives, as a 19th century stranded explorer.

Which engine does Under a Rock run on?

Unreal Engine 5

When will the game be released?

Currently, we do not have a set release date, but once we do, we will announce it accordingly.

How much will the game cost?

This is still to be determined, but you can expect a reduced price while the game is in Early Access.

On which systems will Under a Rock be available?

We are currently planning on releasing Under a Rock on PC - both on Windows and Linux -, as well as consoles.

What kind of multiplayer modes will be available? Can I play the game as a single player?

Peer to peer and dedicated servers will be available. For the latter, you have the option of setting up the server on a computer of your choice or renting from a game server provider. Games can be either private or public.
Under a Rock supports up to 10 players in co-op, PVP is optional.
You also have the option to play the game as a single player, for this you don't need to be online!

What languages will the game support?

Currently, the game will be available in 11 languages. These are Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish (Spain). As with everything, this may change in the future.

What kind of features can we expect? What survival aspects will be in the game?

You can expect these features:
Building bases
Taming and breeding the creatures in the world
Hunting creatures
Fighting other players and in game factions
Swimming and diving

What survival aspects will be in the game?

  • Different weather conditions
  • Poisonous plants and creatures
  • Traps scattered across the island
  • Dangerous nights and unpredictable AI
  • Hunger & Dehydrations - though eating and drinking will not be a huge focus in the game, and will offer bonuses if you keep your health and hydration up.
  • Resting bonus - which comes from how well rested you are after sleeping and can be increased by your comfort level, determined by how well decorated your base is. The exact bonuses are to be determined.

What will base building be like?

Base building is split into two main categories:
  • Real-Time Building - where you gather all the resources and build your base instantly
  • Ghost Building - which allows you to plan your base ahead of time, and once you have collected all the resources you can build the items.
    The Ghost Building is also automatically activated if your base is destroyed, meaning all you have to do is recollect the resources.
We also plan on adding a feature that allows you to save your blueprints and share them both between worlds and with friends!