What does "Early Access" mean?

It means that the game is not exactly ready! That's right!
As an independent developer, our idea is to allow early access to the game so that players can help us make the game by giving ideas, finding bugs, among other things.

Will the game change between now and launch?

Yes. And that's a good thing!
We want to improve the interface, swap some models, fix some bugs, and enhance some effects.

There are only one map?

In the base game, we will have only 1 map (Outpost)!
The other maps are installed as DLC.
Some will be paid, and others will be free like Battleship.
This way, you can gradually purchase and choose the maps that you like the most.

How often will you be updating the game?

We want to add new maps, new game modes, and improvements every month.
Of course, delays may happen, or we might even release updates ahead of schedule if a serious bug is found.