Voicemod: Real-Time AI Voice Changer & Soundboard

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Supercharge your sound with Voicemod! Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our AI voice changer and soundboard, perfect for gaming, streaming, and fun chats. Instantly switch personas, amaze friends, and elevate your audio experience – all in real-time.

Supercharge your voice! Download Voicemod: The best Real-Time AI Voice Changer and soundboard

Online, voice communication is everything. It’s a relatively new technology, but it’s moving at great pace—and Voicemod is a major part of this movement. Transforming your voice, taking on new tone and new identities, turns simple voice chat into a revolutionary, immersive interaction. And there’s no better way to play around with your voice online than with Voicemod. Let us show you why…
New identities, new ideas, at the touch of a button

Want to sound like an alien? A robot? Want to surprise and delight your squad, or confuse the enemy? Dive deep into the realms of fantasy with a booming, monstrous voice? Voicemod has you covered. We have over 150 different voices for you to try—don’t just speak, perform.
Beyond reality with AI

Remember when we said that voice technology is moving quickly? A few years ago, using AI to manipulate your voice in real-time was unthinkable, but today it’s easy. Advanced machine learning and complex algorithms grinding away under the hood mean Voicemod can help you create a whole new persona. You’re no longer limited to the basics like changing pitch—you can now tweak every aspect of your voice.
Soundboards: the ultimate meme machine

It’s not all voice manipulation, though. Ever noticed that your favorite streamers use sound effects and samples to spice up their streams? This is the power of soundboards, and Voicemod hands that power directly to you. Cue up hilarious sounds, fire them off whenever you like. Want to bleep out some comedy swearing? We can help. Squad been wiped off the map? Time to play a Sad Trombone. Roleplaying, podcasting, just chatting—it’s always a good time for a cheeky sound or two!
The power of Community

When you download Voicemod, you’re not just limited to the voices and sounds it comes with. Literally thousands of new voices, filters and sounds are being created by the community constantly, meaning you’ll always find something new and fresh to play with. And, of course, you’re encouraged to build and upload your own!
Elevate your Discord game

Running a Discord server? Voicemod is about to become your new best friend. Every conversation becomes an experience, with Voicemod’s seamless integration—make announcements in the booming voice of a colossal deity, prank your friends, or just invoke gentle chaos with a huge array of different voices and sounds.
Total immersion for gamers

Whatever you’re playing, Voicemod makes better. Roleplay with authentic character voices and effects—the FPS Collection is a particularly great example, with realistic radio comms noise and chatter. Wherever you use a mic, you can use Voicemod.
Running a TTRPG over Discord? Give every character your party talks to its own voice, and really dial up the immersion. Creating memories and having fun is what gaming is all about, after all.
Calling all content creators!

Building a TikTok following? Getting massive on Twitch? Voicemod is a true bridge between the real and the virtual, helping you to bring joy, surprise, and a touch of magic to all the content you create. Even if you’re just having a chilled-out stream chatting with your followers, you can use Voicemod to add spicy memes, daft effects and chaotic voice filters to every moment.
Dive into Voicemod, and redefine the way you communicate vocally online. Whether you’re looking to entertain, create, or just have fun, Voicemod unlocks infinite possibilities—wherever you use your voice, you should be using Voicemod.
Experience Voicemod. Transform your voice. Transform your world.
In the digital realm, where voice communication takes center stage, the power to manipulate, enhance, and transform one's voice can be the key to a more immersive experience. Voicemod is your gateway to this auditory revolution, designed to turn ordinary conversations into extraordinary interactions. If you've been searching for the ultimate voice modulation tool, let us introduce you to Voicemod’s groundbreaking features and why it’s a must-have for every online enthusiast.
Voicemod: Universal Compatibility for Enhanced Communication
Embrace the versatility of Voicemod, an exceptional tool designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of communication platforms and video games. Whether you're strategizing in Fortnite, coordinating in Valorant, or executing missions in GTA V, Voicemod enriches your in-game voice chat with an array of captivating sound effects and voices. Beyond the gaming realm, it's equally adept in transforming your presence in professional or casual virtual meetings on platforms like Discord, Google Meet, or Zoom. With Voicemod, every interaction, be it on a battle royale island or in a digital conference room, becomes an opportunity for creativity and engagement, ensuring your voice stands out in any digital space.
Top Features:

1. Voice Changer – A New You with Every Toggle:
Forget the usual monotony of your voice. With Voicemod's voice changer, every conversation becomes an adventure. Want to sound like an alien today and a robot tomorrow? Or perhaps dive deep into the realms of fantasy with the voice of a wizard or witch? With a diverse range of voice effects, you're not just speaking; you're performing.
2. AI Voices – Beyond the Bounds of Reality:
Venture into the future with AI voice. This state-of-the-art feature transforms your voice using advanced algorithms, making your audio interaction indistinguishable from magic. It's not just about changing pitch or speed; it's about creating a whole new vocal persona.
3. Soundboard – Your meme sound machine:
Create a soundtrack for your life with Voicemod's soundboard. Queue up your favorite effects, switch between them on the fly, and take charge of your auditory environment. Whether you're role-playing, podcasting, or just chatting, your soundboard ensures you're always on cue.
4. Community Content - Thousands of Sounds and New Voices Daily:
In addition to the content generated by the Voicemod team, our application has a collection of voices and sounds that grow daily thanks to the contributions of the community.
5. Designed for Communicate – Elevate Your Server Conversations:
If you're a Discord master, Voicemod is about to become your best friend. Seamlessly integrated, it turns every server conversation into an experience. Make announcements as a booming deity, prank your friends with unexpected voice twists, or just enjoy the bewildering array of voices during casual chats.
6. For the Gamers – Dive Deeper into Your Virtual Worlds:
Gamers, this is the tool you didn't know you needed. Voicemod takes in-game communication to the next level. Role-play with authentic character voices, give orders as a grizzled war general, or taunt your enemies in style. Compatible with a multitude of games, it’s the secret sauce to making your gameplay even more memorable.
Why Every Online Enthusiast Needs Voicemod:
In a world where online interactions are more prevalent than ever, having the ability to alter, enhance, and personalize your voice is invaluable. It's not just about entertainment; it's about expressing yourself in ways words alone can't capture.
For content creators, Voicemod is the tool to make your content stand out. For gamers, it's the bridge between the virtual and the real, making every game feel like a new reality. And for everyday users, it's a chance to bring joy, surprise, and a touch of magic to everyday conversations.
Join the Voicemod Revolution:
Isn't it time you discovered the limitless possibilities of your voice? Dive into the world of Voicemod, and redefine your online auditory experience. Whether you're looking to entertain, create, or simply communicate, Voicemod is the key to unlocking a world of vocal potential.
Dive in now. Experience Voicemod. Transform your voice. Transform your world.

Voicemod: Real-Time AI Voice Changer & Soundboard System Requirements



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 11
CPUQuad-core 2Ghz or higher
CPUOcta-core 3Ghz or faster (Intel i7/i9 - 9th generation or AMD equivalent)
Memory4 GB
Additional NotesAI Voices will not be available on systems without AVX2 support (processors older than 2013). More RAM may be required if Voicemod is combined with games, streamings, and/or Discord at the same time.
Login Accounts Required
Google, Twitch or Discord
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)