Become a Wayfinder, and unlock their powers as you choose your path and playstyle while pushing back a hostile force that has overrun the world. Control the Chaos and directly customize endless adventures with friends, because Wayfinders are stronger together.
Note: Early Access for Wayfinder will not be available on Epic Games


The World of Evenor is shattered. You must harness the power of a Wayfinder to Control the Chaos that has overrun your world. Join forces with friends to strengthen your powers and control your adventures online with a vast selection of customization modifiers when exploring the immersive world, collecting valuable materials and crafting!

Control the Chaos

Customize every play experience by entering a doorway of adventures with the help of a mysterious device known as a Gloom Dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges YOU conjure and control, customizing what beasts you hunt, bosses you encounter, materials you collect and even other Wayfinders.

Become a Wayfinder

Control and harness the power of a mighty Wayfinder! Wield a variety of unique abilities ranging from ebbing arcane magic and lethal melee to mystical tech – you’ll find one to cater to your preferred playstyle. Traverse the immersive world with other Wayfinders and shape your adventures the way you want. Control what you explore and what enemies you fight to best customize how you want to play your Wayfinder.

Explore and Collect

On every hunt and expedition into the Gloom you’ll discover new locations, beasts and materials. Use them to craft new weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders. Collect every weapon and Apartment item, read every book, and discover all the locations to complete your Atlas and increase your Mastery.

Stronger Together

Wayfinders are stronger together. Whether it’s making new friends from world events, forming the perfect team for dangerous expeditions, or adding your Apartment and its buffs to fortify a neighborhood, all of your social interactions, character and Apartment progression, and explorations are tied together by the most important thread… each other.

Wayfinder System Requirements



Windows OSWindows 10
Windows OSWindows 10
Windows ProcessorRyzen 5 3600
Windows ProcessorRyzen 5 3600 or Core i7-9700 Equivalent
Windows Memory16 GB RAM
Windows Memory16 GB RAM
Windows Storage 30 GB available space
Windows GraphicsRadeon RX 5500 4GB RAM or equivalent
Windows GraphicsAMD 6800XT or NVIDIA RTX 2080 Equivalent
Windows OtherHigh Speed SSD
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish - Latin America, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional
  • Text: English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish - Latin America, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Turkish
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