What is WITS TCG?

WITS TCG (What Is This Sorcery? Trading Card Game) is an innovative and immersive digital trading card game set in the fantastical universe of Catena. Players collect and battle with cards representing magical beings, spells, and artifacts, all while exploring a rich backstory inspired by the crypto world.

Is WITS TCG free to play?

Yes, WITS TCG is free to play with in-game purchases available. Players can acquire new card packs, special edition cards, and other game items to enhance their gameplay experience.

Can I earn rewards by playing WITS TCG?

Absolutely! Players can earn in-game currency, Essence, by playing ranked games and completing daily quests. Essence can be used like WITS tokens, our game's native cryptocurrency, which can be used for in-game purchases or traded in the crypto market.

How does the card ownership work in WITS TCG?

Players have the option to purchase NFTs of each card, granting them IP ownership. NFT holders earn rewards when their cards are played in-game by others, and benefit from revenue sharing when physical versions of their cards are sold.

What makes WITS TCG unique compared to other TCGs?

WITS TCG stands out with its integration of blockchain technology, offering true ownership of digital cards through NFTs and a play-to-earn model. Additionally, its lore is deeply intertwined with concepts from the crypto world, providing an educational journey into blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Are there any competitive aspects to WITS TCG?

Yes, players can engage in multiplayer battles, both casual and ranked, to climb the leaderboards. We also host online tournaments with attractive prizes, offering both a competitive and a community-driven experience.

How can I get involved in the WITS TCG community?

Join our vibrant community on Discord
and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates, discussions, and events. Our community is a great place to learn strategies, share feedback, and connect with fellow players.

What can players expect during the Early Access phase?

During Early Access, players can expect a functional, playable version of WITS with core mechanics in place. Our goal is to expand gameplay features, character sets, and in-game economies based on player feedback. We’re committed to regular updates that introduce new content, balance tweaks, and enhancements.

How long will WITS be in Early Access?

We anticipate WITS will be in Early Access for approximately 12-18 months. This timeline allows us to incorporate community feedback significantly and refine gameplay to meet our vision for the final release.

How can players contribute to the development process?

Players are encouraged to join our Discord community, participate in forums, and complete in-game surveys to share feedback. We value player input on gameplay balance, new features, and community events.

How does WITS utilize Blockchain/NFT technology?

WITS incorporates Blockchain/NFT technology to offer true digital ownership of in-game items, such as characters and collectibles. Players can buy, sell, or trade their NFT assets within our marketplace, ensuring secure transactions and verifiable ownership.

Are there any benefits to owning NFTs in WITS?

NFT owners in WITS enjoy several benefits, including exclusive access to special events, in-game bonuses, and a share of revenue through unique reward mechanisms. Ownership also means having an opinion in the game’s evolving ecosystem.

Is it necessary to own NFTs to play WITS?

No, owning NFTs is not required to play WITS. Players can enjoy the game without blockchain involvement. However, engaging with NFTs can enhance the gaming experience with additional features and community benefits.

What can players purchase within WITS?

Players can purchase in-game currency, special character packs, unique skins, and access passes for premium events. All purchases aim to enhance the gaming experience without providing an unfair advantage in competitive play.

How do in-app purchases work in WITS?

In-app purchases in WITS are made through our secure, in-game store. Transactions require a linked account, and we accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and select cryptocurrencies.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

In-app purchases are generally non-refundable, given their digital nature. However, if you experience any issues or discrepancies with your purchase, please contact our support team for assistance.