What is Wilder World?

Wilder World is an immersive, open-world metaverse experience that begins in a city known as Wiami. The first micro-experience will be focused around the Wheels Racing game and will be released for beta in 2024. The racing game will consist of a win-to-earn model.

What is the technology that powers Wilder World?

Wilder World is built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO Tech. Multiple systems integrate to create a new dimension of reality that enables a decentralized, photorealistic experience. In this community-owned metaverse, where ecosystem profits are redistributed to citizens.
Wilder World will be a new form of virtual experience for humanity; one that empowers creatives and rewards citizens for participating in the ecosystem. Wilder World runs on the $WILD Token, which is built on the Ethereum Network.

How can I learn more about Wilder World?

Team Wilder is currently delivering progress updates to the community on a quarterly basis through our Dev Logs. Check out our latest Dev Log release below and catch up on past content to learn more about the development journey of Wilder World.

When can I enter Wilder World?

Wilder World will release a beta testing experience for Wheels Racing to a select beta group and then open up the racing game experience to a wider audience in 2024.

How does Wilder World integrate blockchain, NFTs, or cryptocurrency?

The Wilder World economy is built on Ethereum and ZERO tech, utilizing the WILD token as our native currency for transactions, governance, and rewards. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) obtained and traded within the Wilder World ecosystem create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world ownership. With this technology, players have true ownership of their in-game assets, such as wheels, motos, crafts, avatars, real estate, and more.

Which blockchain does Wilder World utilize? Is it proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

Wilder World is built on Ethereum and utilizes proof-of-stake, along with various token protocols such as ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155.

What benefits does this bring to the player?

Blockchain technology enables Wilder World to have a realistic in-world economy with a finite number of wheels, motos, crafts, avatars, and more. The limited nature of NFTs allows our players to buy, sell, and trade with an active community of Wilders, fostering the growth of their Wilder World collection.

Can I play without blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency interactions?

To play Wilder World, you must possess a compatible Wilder World NFT, such as a Wheel NFT. However, we have plans to enhance accessibility when we publicly launch.

Is an external wallet necessary? Which wallets are compatible?

Yes, in order to participate in Wilder World, you must have a wallet. But a connected wallet isn’t necessary to log into the game. We recommend always using cold storage for your Wilder World NFTs and using MetaMask to connect to dApps.